HL2 headcrab+ stkm gun

  • jward212
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    -------------------------------------------------HEADCRABS SCRIPT-------------------------------------------------


    ---------------((HeadCrab description))---------------


     -seeks STKM


    -very burnable


    -STKM like deco


    -evil >:)

    -HλLF LIFE!!!




    ------------------((where to get it?))-------------------






    -------------------------------------------------STKM GUN SCRIPT--------------------------------------------






    This script adds a gun operated by STKM, Aimed and shot by using your mouse...


    There are 4 different bullets(default, tracer, missile, bomb tipped and dest tipped)


    I'm open to hear any other bullet suggestions : )




    ------------------((where to get it?))-------------------






    -------------------((YouTube demo))--------------------




    ------------------((other mods))-------------------

    fuel mod - mod for all your fuel needs

    TPT Radio - listen to internet radio on powder toy

    Useful links - links to common websites and threads

    colourful name tags - makes your name tag change colours smoothly

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  • Kikkin
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  • jward212
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    so a smoke trail... not a fire...

    should I make an aimer out of the mouse???

  • ISproductions
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    are u copying headccrab from dr who?

  • jward212
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    well HL2 indicates I based them off half-life, half-life 2... In witch ,the first half life was made in 1998 containing head crabs...

  • Darthan
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    Hold on... Can you post saves with mods in them?

  • CeeJayBee
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    Lua mods? With Lua ones you can seeing as all it would do is refuse to load the element if you didn't have it.

    @jward212 (View Post)
    Make a HL2 element pack :D

    EXPB - Explosive Barrel, headcrabs are drawn to them, explode with FIRE
  • jward212
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    @Darthan (View Post)

    if you want I can add a list of saves here... advetising your saves with my mods

    @CeeJayBee (View Post)

    not a bad idea, go well with stkm gun.



  • DanielGalrito
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    What is HL2?

  • CeeJayBee
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