Script Server + Manager

  • jacob1
    16th April Developer 0 Permalink
    Update: script submission is open again. I quietly closed this last fall as my life started getting extremely busy. Even before that, I never had time to properly approve scripts, and it had been months without any activity on the script server. I'm hoping this will change now, I should be able to more quickly approve scripts and updates.

    All pending updates have been approved (most notably to layering helper reforged). All pending scripts were deleted, these were almost entirely one-off elements, feel free to resubmit if yours wasn't approved.
  • TuDoR2007
    18th April Member 0 Permalink

    suggestion: please god let me drag the scroll bar on the script manager my scroll wheel is about to take off and my fingers have eroded

  • Tamada357
    10th May Member 0 Permalink

    why server not found data