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    Basically if this wherre to be added, there would be an "infinite size" option that is false on all already made saves, and can be toggled (by default saves after this would have infinite on) the edge mode has no affect with this on, and this whole infinite save size feature would definitly allow people to make MUCH MUCH more interesting stuff, to pan around, it would be in tools a tool thats white with black text called "pan" basicly to use it you click and drag, this would definitly be a BIG diference to tpt, and the new area is proseigerly generated (altho it would only be the screen, this is to prevent infinate file size) Not only would that be a thing, but another option that is a true false option is ground, this makes tpt make prosiegerly generated ground for you to build on, not just an empty, black space.

  • bowserinator
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    Well it could be possible, however then you can't really upload saves and if you could it would take forever to load/upload, plus there isn't infinite space on your computer and we will need a "chunk" system which will be laggy unless 1 chunk is at max the normal display size and then there's the unloading problem...


    It has been rejected many times just saying

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    We said we weren't going to increase the default size. But making it infinite ... that's just totally impossible. You can't do that with the current TPT unless you want to create a new game from scratch that's designed entirely different.
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    Technically you could already render particles with a different position, also removing all size constraints on every element's update function.
    Actually making a chunk system which is persistent and convenient in size enough to allow for a free Save Server is ambitious, to understate. Also, how the hell do you update the borders of four chunks? How do you react a particle when, say, the chunk above isn't open but the chunk to the left is and there's a particle there that reacts with this one?
    You can totally take up the spade and do it though, find the source code on the front page :)
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    @jacob1 yes you could, take minecraft for example, its infinate


    Thou as you get further out, java starts bugging out and wierd stuff happens with textures and bloxk updates, as well as eventuly getting to the point that pre-1.8 beta the terrain gets corrupted, and eventuly stops loading, nwo it goes out 30,000,000,000 blocks befor the terraing gets glitchy, at this point, you literally fall thrue blocks, and 1.8 full+ they put a worldboarder, but in the new spectater mode you can go infinitly far away, but eventuly, you run out of memory, but if you allow these constreints, then i twould be posible, acully


    to fix the meory problems, it would only save the loaded chunks when uploading saves

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  • KydonShadow
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    The difference is, with Minecraft, new chunks can be loaded, but unused ones are saved and unloaded, and will be regenerated just as they were left. With this though, it seems it would only be needed for saves where a lot of chunks open is required. That would mean that there is no chunk degeneration. After a while, this would create an excessive amount of lag, even on the fastest public computers. I'm sorry, but it doesn't seem practical, if not feasible.

  • jenn4
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    And even if you had a reasonable chunk system, imagine dropping a little DEST on something so it will explode. The airwave would just expand chunk after chunk after chunk, using up all the power of pretty much any machine.
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  • jacob1
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    @explosivepowder (View Post)
    I don't think you read my post, I said "You can't do that with the current TPT unless you want to create a new game from scratch that's designed entirely different."

    It is impossible with the current code base, so we can't add this. TPT only supports a finite size. I could go into how the internal variables work too (they expect a small finite size, at some point a larger size would actually crash the game), but just trust me that they wouldn't support it.
  • observe
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    So absolutely nothing can be done?


    I remember seeing all these electronic saves, and seeing them take the whole space, so, on a whim, I thought that maybe you could layer each part of the save, like on a bookshelf.

     Then again, it was just a whim.

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