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  • iamdumb
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    I have followed the instructions on the wiki for compiling tpt with VS 2013, but I have got a ton of errors.



    Any help is appreciated.

  • xetalim
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    @iamdumb (View Post)

    Did you run

  • iamdumb
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    Oops, no I haven't. I will now.


    EDIT: Yeah, it works now. Thanks. 

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  • boxmein
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    This is actually an important thread: people can now find out what VS2013 says when you don't run!
  • Pangolin
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    I don't know why, but my tpt has no

  • moonheart08
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    There were a large number of changes to the way the game is compiled as of late, and was removed as part of it. Please join IRC if you wish to build the game, as the compilation process is different now.

  • jacob1
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    @Pangolin (View Post) doesn't exist anymore

    Also please create a new thread for your compile problems, don't bump a 6 year old thread

    The wiki guide is still correct. The removal of doesn't affect compilation.
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