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  • vsolon7
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    Hey, so I was wondering how you can make snow explode like singularity does, when you type "!set life sing 0 :: set tmp sing 255", because I saw some bombs on the front page that do that.

  • lorddeath
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    I am your savior. Okay take snow, say !set ctype snow sing into console. THen do !set tmp snow 4444444 then !set life snow 0?

  • vsolon7
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  • sandstorm
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    please, I was the 1st to do that... btw, it's a tmp of 255. it doesn't need to be huge.

  • TheMasterBuilder8008
    March 2015 Member 0 Permalink

    i was wondering how to make somethings c-type?

  • belugawhale
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    @TheMasterBuilder8008 (View Post)

     If you press the tilde key (~) key on your keyboard (usually below Esc), a window will pop up. Type 

    "!set ctype <element to edit> <ctype>" into the window. It is called the console.

  • io
    March 2015 Member 1 Permalink

    Note: tmp -1000 (aprox) generates the bigger explosion

  • Factorial
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  • TheMasterBuilder8008
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    thanks guys

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