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  • Ximon
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    @Willski (View Post)
    Yes, I decided to make it left Ctrl/Shift only so we can reserve what few unused modifier keys for future use.

    The threshold for e-hole creating Black hole should be high enough
  • cle
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    @ghostiger (View Post)

     lol thats why i make a stamps page


    @jacob1 (View Post)

     sponge is completely imobile for me it works in saves but as soon as i turn it into a stamp it doesnt move, and when i said d i didnt know the name for it i meant the extra info that pops up in the top left hand corner when you press d

  • circovik
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    @sentinal-5 (View Post)

    I completely agree with everything you said

  • jacob1
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    @cle (View Post)
    sponge can move on older saves, so it doesn't break them. newer saves can't use it.

    @circovik (View Post)
    Did you read my reply though? The comment issue was fixed, deco was made a lot easier to use, and sample tool does have a use (or could be ignored, why would you complain something was added?)

    fullscreen stamps might be a glitch (haven't tried it), missing stamps definitely is, i'm sorry tpt++ was released with such a major glitch. If you have missing stamps, sending your stamps folder to Simon might help, he would be able to figure out the problem, since he can't reproduce it.

    The vote bars are worse, I don't know why else anyone could possibly think it's uglier, when many things like buttons were improved.
  • circovik
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    Nothing has improved at all in my opinion, it is really laggy now, deco is still complicated and hard to use, my stamps are gone and the full screen stamps have not been fixed.

  • cle
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    sponge had many great puposes for me well thanks for the info


  • Videogamer555
    1st Oct 2012 Member 0 Permalink
    The new version just released (83.8) does NOT fix the bugs I listed at:

    Please fix these. Thanks.
  • EqualsThree
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    @Videogamer555 (View Post)

    Which build? i think there's a new build that just came out.

  • Videogamer555
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    Nope, I got the latest build of version 83.8. Sorry, but it didn't fix the bugs I posted at:
  • greymatter
    1st Oct 2012 Member 0 Permalink

    I want to report a few problems in the new version(83.8) of powder toy


    1) it is eXtremely laggy. the saves that used to run with 15-17 fps now runs with 5-7 fps. it's the same with powder legacy.


    2)the saves are taking eXtremely long to come. previously my 200+ saves used to load in a few seconds but now it takes 10-15 seconds.


    3) the old way in which votes were displayed was better.


    but overall, it's looking great since it got rewritten in c++.

    I'll report more bugs and problems as i find them.


    edit: i just found a bug. when i middle click to sample the colour of an element, a wrong color is sampled.

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