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  • cyberdragon442
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  • Ximon
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    Besides...version 83.0 was already C++

    It wasn't, it was just a filler with an extra element (DTEC) to make it compatible with the beta.


    If it ain't broke don't fix it!

    There are plenty of things that 83.7 has fixed.

    If you encounter bugs, report them!
  • jacob1
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    Version 83 was not tpt++. Of course we all know that saying, you think we would just remove and break things because we can? There were 2 version 83's. You made me log in just to say this, and I already told you to stop complaining, the bugs will be fixed.
  • m_shinoda
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     I can see where you're comming from but is it really nessecary to tell them-those who maintain PT itself- how they should maintain it? I mean, you're turning this into a very big deal when it really isn't that. Here's a suggestion, find a way around this. It's obvious you wont compile so just use version 83.0. This way you can still do whatever you want the "bug-free" way while still being able to use tpt++'s new features.

  • ghostiger
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     I had more than 12 pages of stamps, now all except the first 3 are gone!!! And the stamps thumbnails mix up and load slowly. WHYYYY?!?!?! In those stamps I had my soul and its gone OMFG!!! We never did anything bad to you, we didn't deserve to loose our progress. I loved this game so much. Why?!

  • Box-Poorsoft
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  • cle
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    replace mode, vx -#, d, and vx for spng not working D:

  • ghostiger
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     Stamps let you play offline and just save parts that you can rotate and put together anytime you want. They loaded instantly (as the thumbnails did). I'm not saying that the devs owe us anything, but taking away my stamps, which were MY creation, is not right. I hope its a bug and not something they did on purpose, taking away nice features from a game doesn't make sense. And the new system loads thumbnails so slowly, it is torture waiting to see the thumbnails. This was a no-wait game, where you could put together dozens of stamps in a matter of seconds. Now it's a slow, wait-heavy game. Isn't there a way to remove the patch? 

  • jacob1
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    Can you send your stamp folder to @Simon or me? That's been known for a while but Simon can't reproduce the issue. Don't worry though, none of them are gone, they just don't load and show. I used to use stamps all the time too (when I first found it and made/found new stuff more), and rearranging them in normal tpt fixed it, I on;y had a problem with the first page. Also I realized recently that even in normal tpt, two pages are missing, but I have an old backup.

    @cle (View Post)
    It's known that there is no replace mode or CAPS LOCK mode. They might be re-added, or a better way found. Also, I knew about negative numbers not working in the console. moving SPNG was fixed a long time ago in tpt, and I don't know what you mean by 'd' (debug mode, I tried to fix the debug HUD when I first touched tpt++'s code, but didn't add the total # of parts).

    Speeding up thumbnail loading might be possible, It could be because of rendering fire but i'm not sure.
  • kagaku
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    Throwing in a vote for replace mode. I know you mentioned it may be re-added, so here's to letting you know there is interest. Great work by the way!

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