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    I love you simon not that way -__- will we be able to send videos to youtube.

  • Dr-Nukinstin
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     No proxy for regular TPT, but i have no idea what a packet(in this tense) is, and i don't think i have captured any

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    Um can you guy's add a comment delete and a like button like if i said i said this on a save  Dude this save's so awesome and some one can like your comment like on discussion's

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    How do you compile this (on Windows)?
    There's no makefile and it seems like building should be done using SCons, but I'm not too familiar with SCons and I don't really feel like installing Python just so I can compile TPT++...
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    It does require python to compile. The scons is not absolutely required, but you do need to run '' to generate some element related info.

  • Simon
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    New snapshot: Fixes a bug with autoupdate not removing temporary files. Adds support for some previously unimplemented Lua commands (
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    @Simon can you make the recording thing where you can send them too Youtube or Vimeo.

  • Dr-Nukinstin
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    Well i seem to have found yet another bug, TPT++ really does not like stamps, use too many and it crashes, and i think i used a little more than too many and now the damn thing wont even open without immediatly crashing, weird thing is, the explanation for the crash that pops up says "This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way." Never got that before, ever, in the history of ever.

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    Yes I can confirm that invalid stamps will crash the game on start.  You can fix this by deleting the latest stamp in the stamps folder (or more if they are invalid as well).
    Other interesting info would be how you got it to create an invalid stamp in the first place, do you know what you were stamping?

Locked by Simon: TPT++ has now gone beta