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  • Simon
    17th Aug 2012 Administrator 15 Permalink
    As some of you are aware, a new version of The Powder Toy has been under development for quite some time, an attempt at rewriting a lot of the games User Interface and paving the way for some new features. While you won't find many major new features in this release, it attempts to have most of the frequently used features you will find in the current stable release of The Powder Toy.

    As this is still software under development, it won't be perfect, some minor features are missing (such as screenshots and some lua console functionality) and there will be some crashes and instabilities. Everyone is welcome to download and test, you can report issues in this thread, or if you have a github account, you can post them on the project page here

    Some improvements already in this release :
    • PNG screenshots using the
      Lua method
    • Syntax highlighting for old console commands
    • Multiple comment pages and scrolling
    • Favourite/Delete multiple saves at once in save browser
    • Faster/non-locking thumbnail rendering for the stamp and local save browser
    • More accessible element search
    • Quicker access to dedicated decoration menu
    • Customisable middle click tool
    • Save search won't become unresponsive on slower connections
    • Text selection in text fields and labels
    • Copy/Cut and Paste for text (With right click!)

    Downloads: (Windows, 32bit) (Linux, 32bit) (Source code tarball or zip)

    Autoupdate should work, there will be semi-regular updates to fix crashes, adjust or implement missing features.

    Do not submit element or feature suggestions in this thread
  • therocketeer
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  • nmd
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    thanks for releacing the shapshots offically ^.^

    comment scrolling is going to be really helpful

  • boxmein
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    @Simon (View Post)
    Woo, a snapshot thread!
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    @Simon i'm looking for a chat site thats ipropreit instead IRC i'll be looking foward of a link saying IRC chatroom or join the new chat site ill be looking for a chatroom is hard.

  • lorddeath
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    Nice work in this Powder Toypp, keep up the good work!



    Edit: Lags a bit though when you open a save then quit halfway lol

  • Plasmoid
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    Simon, could you compile a Mac version?

  • tmo98
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    He's working on that this will outdate powder game the next version  of powder game is going to look like powder toy 3.12

  • Powder2112
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    Looking good!

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