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  • Lockheedmartin
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    Update: Due to the massive amounts of low quality posts inside of game threads and by users who post in them, game threads will no longer be allowed. If you make a new game thread, it will be locked. This should hopefully help reduce spam and flaming.

    If you still want to post in game threads, a new group has been created by several community members. Go join the Forum Games Collaboration. You can post in and create as many game threads as you want here, there is no limit on the number of active threads and game threads won't be arbitrarily locked as they were before.

    -- jacob1

    The original post is below:
    Hello everyone,
    I'm addressing the issue of game, puzzle, and all those sorts of threads. We've talked much over the IRC about how much spam these threads are to the community and the fact they are just populating the General section of the forums. Therefore effective immediately, any game that is voted or petitioned upon by members of the community is to be locked. We will also lock any new games that are seen is non-productive or generally adding spam. Moderators will lock at their own discretion, so don't blame just me..
    Lockheedmartin and The Powder Toy Staff.
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  • dulix11
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    Looks like PacBrad's out of buisness then......

  • R3APER
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    I knew this was going to happen, and no one listened.

    @dulix11: I'm not satisfied until he is banned for his actions.
  • nmd
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    I don't think he compreneded this though... watch. he's going to make another thread.


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    So, we can make game threads as long as they are not spam/anti-productive. and if most of the users vote to say its dumb, it'll get locked...


    the said voting would be in the form of.... what?

  • DJspiderize
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    I suppose the usual "This is stupid" would do it.

  • nmd
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     I suppose...

  • DJspiderize
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    No need to do a formal voting when most games are clear whether they are spam/useless/boring.

  • Lockheedmartin
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    When people complain about it, then a moderator might lock it sometime.

  • Poorsoft
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    And I see Wish Corrupter is staying, as it may be part of the "heritage".

  • EqualsThree
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    Ty for doing this, i don't like seeing Forum Games everyday when i log on. ._. (Except for wish corrupter)

Locked by Lockheedmartin: Nothing more or less needed.