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    opening a port is easy as shit, i picked it up instantly, i don't see why it's soo hard for other people....
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    Nice work. It may seem like a put down but it's not. Any "experienced lua developer" could code this. What you have been is great. I really enjoy seeing a lot more of this sorta stuff. I'm going to call my self an experienced developer in lua. I coded many mods for minecraft. I have made over 5 lua operating systems. I also developed Java minecraft plugins. I have attemped to make a powder toy mod and can't. You have amazing talent making additions to powder toy and lua but I think if you are gonna code a powder toy multiplayer mod you should code it in something like Visual Basic or Java. Not lua. Lua is as open ended like Visual Basic. I know you can code that because powder toy is based around it. Leave the little designs like this to the people who know something about lua. @asdf123 people think of you as the 'god' of lua. I don't. I ask of you to be more creative with the feautures of lua. Code something really cool like an API which can do something call. If you're new to lua. A basic API may be to rename a stick man. Not to hard at all.

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    @cracker64, does this work on mac?

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    This script doesn't work at all right now, due to multiple Lua API issues introduced with TPT++, I'm going to lock this until the issues and script are fixed.  You can technically use older TPT versions to make this work, but that can be a hassle.

    I'll post here when it is fixed.

Locked by cracker64: broken