TPT Multiplayer

  • cj646464
    24th Nov 2012 Member 0 Permalink

    Cause this stuff is difficult, Jacob1, Cracker, and I sat last night and tried to get this installed for me and it took us over two hours.  And I only got it in 83.8, not his mod.  We finally got it up and running.  Its hard to make this thing for beginners.  If that is what you are referencing considering it isn't really a mod, (kind of is I guess).

  • Spock
    24th Nov 2012 Member 0 Permalink
    I agree with cj646464.
  • jacob1
    25th Nov 2012 Developer 0 Permalink
    It shouldn't have been as difficult as it was, I don't know what even made it. But even after that, one person still has to open a port for the other to connect, and it's just hard to do. This really isn't for beginners, and needs 2 people willing to do it anyway.
  • epicksl
    25th Nov 2012 Member 0 Permalink

    I havent even tried it but untill it gets more reliable id rather open a bogus account and give the password to a friend and co op a save on it while the other is at school or something (taking turns editing.) then post from both accounts and scrap the bogus account. keep up the good work tho id love to see this as a finished product!

  • Videogamer555
    28th Nov 2012 Member 0 Permalink
    Why is this NOT in the official version?
  • cj646464
    28th Nov 2012 Member 0 Permalink

    I'm pretty sure it doesn't work anymore since tpt++.  Cracker64, Jacob1, and I couldn't connect with eachother and Cracker64 said that never happened before.   Might be wrong so *BUMP*

  • Vovix
    10th Dec 2012 Member 0 Permalink

    I get the following error message:

    "The Lua script may have stopped responding.There might be an infinite loop.Press "Stop" to stop it"

  • jacob1
    10th Dec 2012 Developer 0 Permalink
    @Vovix (View Post)
    This doesn't work anymore, tpt++ broke it ): And no, we didn't put that message of the day there. It was picked automatically from a list.
  • cj646464
    11th Dec 2012 Member 0 Permalink

    Jacob1, would that mean that you could use an older version of tpt together to work on it, or would it still break it because it it's server based?

  • jacob1
    11th Dec 2012 Developer 0 Permalink
    @cj646464 (View Post)
    yeah, using an older version of tpt, or my mod I think, people could connect to each other still. Eventually i'll try to fix it from tpt++, but it might be hard.
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