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  • boxmein
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    A. The first page is determined by votes in a few days or so, so it's bound to kick you out if your "highest" saves don't meet the criteria. From the second page on though, it is "all time best" mode instead so expect saves to be there for a year or so.

    B. Linking to other "chapters" should be fine as far as I know.
  • Geneskl
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  • jjbagley
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    SomtiMes i get kind annoyed because if you look at the amount of views compared to the number of votes !(whether it be up or down) barely anyone votes at all :P
  • circovik
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    I think that every user should have a profile ingame that has the stuff on the website such as average votes and highest score. It should also have a detector for FPs and other things such as longest time spent on FP or anything else that you can think of. This would be like a save and apeears at the top of a users best saves. This would reduce the FP counters on saves as each person has a proper place displaying that information. It should also not be able to be posted so anyone who is interested could check out some other user without the "save" clogging up the most recent section.

    I just quickly came up with this so it isn't something that will be seriously considered unless others like it and I make a full description.

  • caddypaddy1
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    I disagree to this rule... there is absolutely Nothing  wrong with thanking for FP.

  • craZchick
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     by thanking people for the votes that got you to front page you are sort of asking for more votes which is not okay. that is how i think of it so it sort of makes sense. idk though. 

  • cylers
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    @Fast-Driver (View Post)

     i feel the same way, i made some cool saves such as new vegas and then when it reached fp it felt so good that i tried for more and now pt just isnt the same for me because of that..

  • greymatter
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    How does a save make it to FP?

    is it some automatic thing done by softwares or when moderators or admins see a popular save they put it in FP or something else?

    I'm sorry if it is a dumb question.

  • Lockheedmartin
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    It's done by a written script based on popular views and votes. If you don't have enough by a certain time, it's taken down. Sometimes staff promote certain projects in order to show a concept to others.

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    Uhh totally random







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