2010-12-09 02:01:31
somewhere in the USA
I have been on Powder Toy for a long time now, since 2010. I have been here long enough to know the rules and to know a good project. I am not very good at building things myself but hey it is fun and that is the entire point of this! I may occasionally be offline for pretty long periods of time since now that I am in college and am working on top of that plus I am a mom. I have an EXTREMELY busy life now. But I have no intention of ever leaving Powder Toy unless the program is shut down or something. A good friend introduced it to me and now it is the only thing I have that I can remember them by so it has sentimental value in my eyes. :) Not to mention building and or blowing things up is fun. Lolz. If you want to be my friend it will take some work, I don't trust people easily. In fact I'm so shy it drives most of the people who know me absolutely crazy! Haha. Anyhows.... I'm pretty easy to get along with usually. As long as you don't hurt my family or my son or husband... or anyone else who I might be close to. And a note to those of you on here who might find it amusing to judge me or something of that variety, do not bother. You would simply be wasting your time. I could care less what anybody thinks of me. I am here to have fun and whatever the rest of the world thinks doesn't matter to me at all. If you want to know anything else ask.