Customizable Explosive Mod

  • Videogamer555
    25th May 2012 Member 1 Permalink


    This is a fairly great mod :D The only problem is that sometimes it seems the same everytime you program it




    An element about like this should replace all the current explosives. Already-placed explosives would be replaced with this stuff, with the right properties. Maybe even color.

     Unfortunately it can't emulate the TNT properly (exploiding ALL pixels of a large block of this material simultaneously even in a large block of the material). I don't know how TNT does this, but I know my explosive can't do it.

  • billion57
    25th May 2012 Member 1 Permalink

    This should really be put into the official.

  • MaksProg
    5th Jul 2012 Member 0 Permalink

    excellent mod!!! i have no words more

  • vippeople
    29th Jun 2013 Member 0 Permalink


  • wolfy1339
    30th Jun 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    @Videogamer555 (View Post)

     Where is the exe???

    The download is only the source code

  • TheNumberCrucher
    20th Jul 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    cant install ... 

  • GreenFireDragon
    20th Jul 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    Update it, current version = 87.2, your mod version = 71.3

    but nice mod

  • dizzon
    19th Aug 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    ? ??? ????????

  • AssassinLink
    15th Sep 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    Ummm it does'nt work but one question how does it work

  • HxH4125
    3rd Oct 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    Cool mod!