Developer forum rules

  • Simon
    17th Oct 2010 Administrator 0 Permalink
    The recently added developer forum is being provided as a tool for those who wish to help in the continued development of The Powder Toy, it is NOT provided for those who need help in compiling or are recently new to development.

    The accompanying "Developer" role is for those who manage the Development forum and are known developers of the Powder Toy, they will strictly moderate this forum. Edit: they are now full moderators

    The Development forum is open to all for reading and posting, but as mentioned before, is intended for those who are experienced, it is not for bug reports or other Powder Toy mods and suggestions.
  • devast8a
    18th Oct 2010 Member 0 Permalink
    This forum is intended for discussing development only.
    Please do not post suggestions here.
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