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    Jacob1's Mod, tpt's longest lasting and most popular mod. My overall goal isn't to add a bunch of elements you can forget about, it's to create a more stable tpt version with lots of new features and other things not fit for the official version, things like moving solids, multiple tabs, TPT multiplayer, and others.

    Current Version: 42.6 (build 109)

    Download Version 42.6 for windows. This is a direct link to the zip.
    Download Version 42.6 for macOS
    Download Version 42.6 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 42.6 for 32 bit linux.
    Other (older versions and compiler output)

    Major Features
       *Entirely compatible with the official version
       *Updated often with an in-game updater (updates hosted by cracker64 on starcatcher), also has a bug reporter
       *Recent elements shown in favorites menu
       *Extra "FAV2" menu with many options
       *Customizable HUD's
       *TPT multiplayer script by cracker64 embedded inside
       *Script Manager by me / cracker64 embedded inside
       *Number of votes displayed on saves, and timestamps displayed on comments
       *Automatically save and reload your work after a crash
       *Open multiple simulation tabs at once, each tab has a preview and name when you hover over it
       *Ctrl+s saves a reload point, so you can reload even when not online
       *Moving solids that have collision and rotate
       *Statistics about how much / often you play, and current save statistics
       *Add Lua code into saves, with a sandbox to prevent malicious code
       *Redesigned console with text that never overlaps
       *9 new elements
       *Many more improvements and features not listed here

    Recent Changelogs
    Version 42.0 2018-12-29
    Use faster RNG. Upgrade to SDL2. This allows for many improvements, like a resizable window, new fullscreen mode, major fps improvements with double scale mode, and more. Rewrite options interface to use new UI. Add new event api to replace legacy register_/unregister_ functions. Add eventcompat.lua in order to ensure old scripts using the deprecated api don't break. Fix PHOT+PINV = ELEC. Support hex format for all integer properties in PROP tool. Fix invisible textboxes in deco editor. Fix ctrl+backspace bug in old UI textboxes. Fix issues undoing shift+WIND tool. Fix line drawing creating extra particles with flat brushes. Show "X" button next to notifications. Mac version not supported at the moment due to issues with the sdl2 upgrade.

    Version 42.1 2018-12-30
    Fix mousemove Lua event. Fix PLUT always exploding quickly. Fix difficulty resizing window sometimes. Save resizable and alt fullscreen options to powder.pref. Add hidden option to change pixel rescaling mode when window is resized (beginning of konami code in options ui). This is extremely blurry so is hidden by default.

    Version 42.2 2018-01-25
    Fix interfaces sometimes closing when the window loses focus. Re-center windows icon. Upgrade Linux icon to 128x128 (when it decides to show up). Fix mac data directory.

    Version 42.3 2019-02-17
    Change TPT version number to 94.0.

    Version 42.4 2019-03-02
    Changes from TPT version 94.1, including: Add "Force Integer Scaling" option, this fixes lots of issues with fullscreen. Keyboard shortcuts are now based on en-US layout, no matter what layout you actually use. GoL is now affected by stasis wall. Additional changes: No longer capture the mouse when drawing, because this can sometimes cause the computer to appear to freeze. It will now calculate mouse position outside the window manually. Mousewheel will now always scroll the mouse by one unit, instead of potentially more. Fix mouse Lua events reporting 4 for right click instead of 3.

    Version 42.5 2019-03-26
    Fix mouse getting stuck down / incorrect mouse coordinates when releasing the mouse outside of the window. Fix THDR generating pressure when touching CLNE. Properly fix issues saving / loading window position with 2nd monitor. Fix stasis wall identifier. Update script manager to 3.10. Update tptmp to 0.100.

    Version 42.6 2019-04-12
    Fix incorrect mouse position when in fullscreen and "force integer scaling" is checked

    Known bugs:
    Please report bugs in this thread or on GitHub.

    Source / older versions
    Get older versions here. This includes every released version since version 1 (the originals, rescued from my USB drive). The file "DLL's.zip" may be required for some of the original versions. The file "msvcr100.dll" (at the end) might also be required for some others.

    Find the source and a constant log of changes on Github: https://github.com/jacob1/The-Powder-Toy

    Help / More Info
    To see detailed explanations of some of the new features/elements this mod has, or for a complete version history, look at the readme

    The favorites menu has been the center of most things in the mod, since the beginning (now in official version). To "favorite" an element, ctrl+shift click it from any menu, and it will get a yellow heart on it. To unfavorite it, ctrl+shift+right click it instead. Any recently used elements also will appear in the menu for the duration of the play session. If you click the MORE button, a new menu will appear with more options. HUDs are customizable using the HUD2 button. The FIND button colors whatever element you have selected red, and dims everything else (now in official version). The INFO button displays statistics about how long and how many times you have played powder toy, your average and highest FPS, and info about the current save. SPIN controls whether moving solids can rotate or not, it may be a little ugly. REAL toggles realistic heat mode, which adds latent heat and several other things (made by savask years ago, not up to date). DATE toggles the date format used for comment timestamps. HEAT and LUA are explained in the readme.
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    I will add moving solids next, and then I will start adding new elements. I will take any suggestions, no matter how hard they are to code, and if I like it, I will try to add it in.

    Are you sure this isn't going to run at 1 fps?
  • jacob1
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    I have moving solids in my Lua script, go to the lua section of the forums and click on the topic favorite elements menu. Once you have it, just draw EQVE. It's a little glitchy, but it won't create any lag at all.
  • Atrayin
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    Awesome, btw i love your lua mod
  • BloodLust
    18th Oct 2011 Member 4 Permalink
    this is BRILLIANT

    AND since its already coded i wouldnt doubt that it'd make to the official version

  • lenscas
    18th Oct 2011 Member 2 Permalink
    cool mod hope some thing will get in official version!
  • Atrayin
    18th Oct 2011 Member 1 Permalink
    Just wondering when will the next update come cause personally i really cant wait
    n for a suggestion:
    For your lua mod make it where you press a button under special called "FAVS" n then it will bring up all of your fav elements instead of already being there which is kinda crowded
  • jacob1
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    @Atrayin (View Post)
    The update with the moving solids might be finished this week depending on how much time I have. If not, i'll do it next weekend. Also, I added what you said to my lua script, if I understood you correctly. There is an arrow you can click to hide/unhide the menu, and it looks cool when you click it.
  • Atrayin
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    @jacob1 (View Post)
    Awesome Thnks :)
    EDIT: it does look pretty awesome im still trying to figure out how you did it :)
  • hachouma
    18th Oct 2011 Member 1 Permalink
    favo menu and FIND tool are awesome
    but HUD is not working and i for some reason i cant download lua script