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Element Page Format:

-General description, uses, etc. -Reactions (see below) -Properties (tmp, ctype, etc.)

  • Reaction format:
    • reactant + reactant → product + product
    • (To type the arrow, hold ALT and type 2 6 on the number pad, then release ALT.)
  • All elements in reactions will be MaterialBtn's:
    • EQVE.png {{MaterialBtn | EQVE}}
  • If pressure or gravity is created, it will be shown as a reactant
    • 5 pressure
  • If one of the reactants is not consumed in the reaction, it will be in parenthesis:
    • FUSE.png + (SPRK.png) -> PLSM.png
  • If one of the reactants needs a certain temp, pressure, or other property, it will be in parenthesis after the reactant:
    • FSEP.png(temp > 700°C) -> PLSM.png
    • For temperature, use {{Temperature|t=973.15}}, where t is the temp in kelvin. It will show up as 700°C
  • If one of the reactants sets a property that is VERY IMPORTANT for other reactions, it can be listed in parenthesis after the reactant:
    • (HYGN+OXYG->WATR reaction) Example coming soon.
  • Any additional information about the reaction will be in parenthesis after the reaction:
    • HYGN.png(pressure > 8) + (DESL.png) -> WATR.png + OIL.png (This reaction rarely occurs because DESL explodes at pressures above 5)

There will be up to 3 reaction sections, depending on which element's code the reaction is in, etc.

  • Reactions: The reactions in the code of the element that the page is about
  • Other Elements' Reactions: reactions that are in the code of other elements
  • Reactions that produce the element that the page is about (this overrides section 2)

Properties: Only show properties that the element uses (be careful) only show temp when it does something different (changes color, affects another property, etc.)

Important templates:

  • Temperature
    • {{Temperature| t=(temp in kelvin)}}
    • Converts the temp to Celsius, and shows Kelvin and Fahrenheit when pointed at.
    • {{Temperature| t=0}} = -273.15°C
  • MaterialBtn
    • {{MaterialBtn| (element)}}
    • Shows the element's in-game icon, and links to the article.
    • Only use this for lists and reactions.
    • {{MaterialBtn| PSCN}} = PSCN.png