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VIBR.png Vibranium
Section Radioactive
Spawn temperature 0°C
Heat Conductivity 100%
Relative weight 100
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0%
Flammability 0
State Solid
Misc properties
Source code

VIBR stores energy, and then releases it in violent explosions. It starts out dark green, but as it gains energy, it gets brighter and brighter, eventually glowing white. Once it's fully charged, it will glow green, and start flashing (with white) faster and faster. After 750 frames, it explodes.

VIBR stores it's energy in tmp. There are three ways to give energy to VIBR, the first is temperature. it gains one tmp for every three degrees you heat it. It loses tmp at the same rate. It will try to keep it's temperature between -2.5 and 2.5 degrees. The second way is pressure. It increases it's tmp by 7 for every increase in pressure. It only loses 2 for every decrease in pressure. It will try to keep the pressure surrounding it between -2.5 and 2.5, so it is almost as good as TTAN.png and walls at blocking extreme pressure. The third way to give it energy is through energy particles. It can absorb PHOT.png, NEUT.png, ELEC.png, and PROT.png. These all increase its tmp by 20. VIBR also absorbs GRVT.png.

VIBR is also BOMB.png-proof.

Once VIBR's tmp gets to 1000, that's when it enters explosion mode. It counts down from 750 frames. Once it gets to 0, it's explosion is almost as powerful as fusion's, generating temperatures of 9000 degrees and increasing the pressure by 50 FOR EVERY PIXEL. It also releases rainbow colored EXOT.png, BREL.png, ELEC.png and PHOT.png. If the particles generated by the explosion are unable to move, all particles generated by the explosion will turn into WARP.png.

EXOT will cause all (uncharged) VIBR it touches to turn into more EXOT.

Note that Vibranium will stop absorbing heat when it gets into the explosion phase, which is why you must be very careful when building heat-powered vibranium bombs.

To form Vibranium, combine EXOT and molten TTAN, you can also use molten GOLD.png. This will make molten VIBR. Then, get rid of all the leftover EXOT somehow, and cool down the molten VIBR so it hardens into VIBR.

VIBR will turn into BVBR.png when touching ANAR.png, and generate a small amount of negative pressure, pushing the ANAR away.

VIBR can be defused with CFLM, where it turns blue until the remaining life runs out, then turns back into default VIBR.


By mixing EXOT and Molten TTAN, or the normal way(brush).

Setting the life of VIBR that is in explosion mode extremely high will stop it exploding and can be used as an indestructible element.


The element VIBR absorbs energy particles then turns a light green and starts flashing when its life is 750 and blows up when it's life reaches zero.

Special properties

Once defused with CFLM, VIBR will emit sparks. This only happens right before it turns back into ordinary VIBR. It also does this normally right before it is about to explode, but due to the large amount of heat being created it is hard to harness them.

If the tmp2 of VIBR is set to 1, and it's tmp reaches 1000, instead of exploding, it turns into blue VIBR. the blue VIBR will count down from 750 tmp, 1 per frame flashing blue. Once it gets to 0, it turns into normal VIBR instead of exploding. The VIBR created will have a tmp2 of 0.


An alloy with HEAC.png and VIBR.png
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