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OXYG.png Oxygen
Oxygen gas. Ignites easily.
Section Gases
Spawn temperature 22°C
Heat Conductivity 28%
Relative weight 1
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0%
Flammability 0
State Gas
Low temperature LOXY.png below -183.15°C
Source code


When water is electrolysed with IRON or hit with electrons, the water will split, and hydrogen and oxygen is formed. Oxygen has a 1/3 chance, when hydrogen has 2/3 chance.

Also, it is born with the fusion of CO2.

Oxygen can be produced when SMKE or CO2 is absorbed by PLNT, simulating photosythesis.


In The Powder Toy, oxygen is very flammable, but in real life, burning is actually a reaction of oxygen and the burning material. When oxygen is mixed with hydrogen and lit, the combustion will result in water vapor. When oxygen is mixed with BOYL, the reaction will result in water and 4 pressure.


When oxygen is over 9700°C in temperature, the pressure is over 250 and the gravitational force is over 20 in total, the oxygen fuses into broken metal. It will also release a neutron (with temperature over maximum), a photon (same temperature), a graviton and a particle of plasma (once again with same temperature).

It will also increase the temperature around the location to max temp (9726.85°C) and pressure to max pressure (256)

The oxygen's fusion is by far the most violent fusion in the whole game.


This save shows off the burning of hydrogen and oxygen combination into water vapor.
This save shows off the watr boyl reaction.
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