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INWR.png Insulated Wire
Doesn't conduct to metal or semiconductors.
Section Electronics
Spawn temperature 22°C
Heat Conductivity 100%
Relative weight 100
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0.1%
Flammability 0
State Solid
High temperature LAVA.png above 1413.85°C
Misc properties
Conducts electricity (SPRK)
Source code

Insulated Wire's description is slightly misleading, as it does, in fact, conduct to some semiconductors (PSCN and NSCN).



INWR has much more restricted SPRK conduction rules than most other elements, hence "insulated". There are only 5 elements which INWR conducts SPRK to/from:

INWR.png PSCN.png NSCN.png WIFI.png - INWR conducts to and from these elements

INWR conducts to, but not from, SWCH.png


INWR is transparent to BRAY beams, they always go right through instead of being blocked. This allows BRAY beams to cross each other - a BRAY beam normally blocks other beams of white BRAY which cross it, unless the space where the beams would cross contains a particle that is transparent to BRAY.

Some other elements are also transparent to BRAY, such as FILT and ARAY, but most of them block BRAY.

INWR does not get sparked by any BRAY beams which pass through it (most conductors get sparked when hit by BRAY).


It can be used in electronics to allow creation of "crossings" for SPRK, because INWR does not conduct to or from most other electronic elements.

Transparency to BRAY means INWR can be used as ROM (read by ARAY) in printers to store the image, and in decoders.

When sparked repeatedly, INWR rapidly cools to 22°C which is very useful were temperature needs to be limited, or rapid cooling is desired.


It can be created only by drawing with the brush or cloning, there are no reactions which create INWR.


This shows an example of INWR not conducting to METL.
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