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ELEC.png Electron
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Spawn temperature 222°C
Heat Conductivity 100%
Relative weight -1
Gravity 0.0
Acid dissolve rate 0%
Flammability 0
State Energy particle
Source code


With the brush, SING explosions, fusion, or with PHOT and BIZR.


While electrons are a good heat conductor, they also have many unique properties. If they hit a conductive material, they will disappear and spark this material. In the case they hit any type of water, it will split them into HYGN and OXYG. It scrambles any LCRY they go through, creating noise along their track. If it contacts with NEUT, both will turn into HYGN. It also tries to compress any DEUT they come contact with.

If any electrons hit GLAS, they will explode into embers, and if electrons penetrate the surface of GLOW, they will be turned to photons.


Electrons have a white glow, and they are about 200C above room temperature when spawned. Their reactions are interesting. As it is an energy particle, it will not be detected by BOMB, GBMB or DEST, and they will just pass by. They can use for electrolyse water into Hydrogen and Oxygen.


Electrons are born in many different reactions. They can be used to create electricity, since they spark conductive materials. They also split water, which can be used to make hydrogen and oxygen. Also it's feature to combine with neutrons is also used in some saves.

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