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Using the translations in-game

Anon: Hello I don't know how to use this text in the game can you say it to me please?

Special characters for: Spanish

Erops19: I'll try to make the translation to spanish.

I'm not sure to understand well some of the words, but I'll try my best. But I have a trouble with the spanish caracter "ñ" and the accents (á, é, í, ó, ú). I won't write the words with his accents ("Perdio", instead of "Perdió", wich means "He losed") although that can give some confusion...

And I'll try to avoid words with "ñ", but, in case that this becomes unavoidable, I'll write "ny". It has the same sound, in fact, at Catalonia (Cataluña) they use "ny" instead of "ñ".

¿I'm doing it right?

jacob1: I wouldn't try translating it, because the current file is out of date and is missing many lines of text. Also, the font doesn't include foreign characters, and it would be best to have those in the official translations anyway.