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im pretty sure im gonna feel stupid after someone tells me this. but where do you find powder.h?

-it's in the folder "includes" -firefreak11

I made my element and everything, but how do you load it on the game?

-Press F5 in Visual Studio with the project loaded.

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i keep getting a "too many initializers" error when i try to build my mod and for some reason it keeps showing the same line number 822 for every element

I will update this page some day ... but for now the recent updates were wrong. You need to run, it does the PT_ stuff for you. 05:11, 16 January 2013 (UTC) --jacob1

I updated the site to read Currently, the largest element ID is LSNS, 185. Your element should have an ID of 186. instead of it being DRAY 178 and having your element be 179 as that caused id errors becuase of the new added elements. --Kirbystarfighter