Installing stamps

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Some users can't save creations in Powder Toy, so they are usings stamps. What when they want publish creation, but can't save? They're making stamps from creation, upload it to Web and put link.

To install these stamps to Powder Toy you must:

  • Download stamp.
  • Copy(or cut) stamp.
  • Go to "stamps" directory in directory with your Powder Toy.
  • Paste stamp file to that directory.
  • open stamps.def with Notepad(or any other text editor).
  • On beginning of stamps.def file, type name of copied stamp without ".stm", for example if you copied file "cool_creation.stm", in stamps.def type "cool_creation". Warning!Stamp name can has maximally 10 chars + .stm.
  • Now you can open Powder Toy and use installed stamp.

Or, if you want to do it the fast way AND have Python installed, then you could use a script. (It presumes that stamps.def is the last file in your folder) The script's topic is here: Topic