How to post a problem with powder toy

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Say you have a problem. The very first thing you should not do is go running to the forums.

First, use the search bar. See if your problem has been solved or cannot be solved. If you have a problem then chances are someone else also has in the past.

Next, check the wiki. The wiki is filled with a lot of useful info about tpt that might solve your problem or answer your question.

Should it not be solved via the search bar or the wiki go to the forums.

Posting a problem

You've got to remember a few things:

  • People don't like annoying titles such as




Or AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So should you need to post something, the best thing for the title is a short description about what is wrong. I.E.:

Powder Toy crashes?

  • People do not like it when you cannot describe your problem well. Giving as much details as possible will help it get solved faster, since no extra questions will be needed.
  • People do not like poor grammar and spelling mistakes everywhere. If people can't understand the question or problem, it might just be ignored.

So use good grammar, and provide detailed explanations of what is wrong (and if possible provide screenshots). Post in the Help forum.

The Scientific Method

First, make a question- Does {bug} when {action}? Make a hypothesis- If I {action}, then {bug}.

Test this hypothesis. Do {action} many times and see if {bug} comes up repeatedly. If possible, do {action} on different computers/OSes to see if {bug} is correlated to {action}.

Analyze- Did you find a direct link between {action} and {bug}? Is it just on your computer? On your OS? If there is no link- {bug} only happened the first time, don't report it. If it's just on your computer, try rebooting it and then repeat the testing phase. If the bug still persists only on your computer, it's your computer's fault, not the game's- don't report.

Share- If {bug} has passed the above step, report it. Detail your findings in specifics, so we can help to the best degree possible. Detail what OS/OSes you tried it on, the stats of your computer/computers, etc.