How to post a creation in discussions

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To post a creation, type ~<creation id>

Where to put your creation

The creations forum is the best place to start. First of all, don't reawaken someone else's old thread, even if it concerns your creation. This is because many people will post things (and I'm not paraphrasing here...) such as:

"lol this is so bulky mine uses wifi look!!"

Regardless of how bulky it is, the creation could have been made before the wifi element. Therefore it is not a good idea to reawaken threads.

Making your thread

So, make your own! Start with a good title. This does not mean something like:


Try to make it neater sounding. A possible title to a laser would be:

"Small photon laser"

There, nothing too demanding, nothing too subtle. But as long as it isn't to vague a title.

Don't advertise your creation on random threads!

Annoyingly enough, some people choose to not post on the forums but advertise on other saves and threads.

Not that pointing a save out on the comments to help the creator isn't bad, but you do get those people that advertise something like an engine on dimagord's city, or a logo maker on Cracker's Pokemon save. It's kinda like someone going to your homework while you're working on it and stamping a big quote reading:

"Come one, come all, to Bob's used car emporium"

All over your work.

Don't post things from mods or betas without displaying them as such

Powder Toy mods are common. With those elements it's natural that someone would want to make something from said mod. However be on alert that mod elements appear as the element they are closest to in the main game. E.G. SEED appearing as DUST.

Beta versions are glitchy, and you cannot open a beta save from the main version.

So try to announce what version the save is from if it is from a beta or mod.