How to avoid getting the banhammer

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The banhammer is quite a powerful weapon, often used by moderators to show power and dominance to their minions. It usually inspires fear and despair and should, except on opposite day, be avoided to ensure the health and well being of body and mind.

In this short guide I hope to show you firstly the danger of the banhammer, the advantages, and then of course the titular how to avoid getting the banhammer.

Danger of the banhammer

The dangers of the banhammer are quite severe and wellknown. Some symptoms of having the banhammer are:

1. Slamming face against keyboard

2. General queasiness followed by vomiting bouts

3. Violent shaking and trembling of all pelvic muscles

4. A feeling of isolation and or solitude

5. A feeling of inner peace and acceptance

6. Death

Advantages of the banhammer

The advantages of the ban hammer are not as well known. This is quite unfortunate as people do not strive to get banhammered and therefore do not experience life to the full. Some advantages include:

1. Longer life span of moderators

2. Longer life span of admins

3. Longer life span of users

4. Less CO2 in the atmosphere

5. Less starving children

6. More starving children

7. Less national debt

8. Longer fingernails

9. Looking more muscly

10. Death

11. Un-death

How to avoid the banhammer

Finally the section you've all been waiting for, how to avoid the banhammer. Some techniques of avoiding the banhammer include dangerous stunts which should not be tried at home! We at ObviouslySatire do not take any responsibility for accidents happening to you, next of kin, friends, friends of friends, workmates, bosses, minions, cats, aliens, humans or peacocks. You have been warned.

Here we go, some methods of avoiding the banhammer!:

1. Don't be Eyes

2. Post repeatedly with no content and or replicated content.

3. Post on very old threads, its impressive and gains you friends!

4. Swear, alot! Don't forget to use racially negative words.

5. Make false pretenses such as:

i. you are friends with some of the moderators

ii. you can 'hack the server with idol, pm me fir details'

iii. you can avoid getting the banhammer

6. Not reading this article.