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As a note, while tricks using console are technically glitches, since they are not usually fixed, they are both normal and expected with rare exceptions.

Please don't add things like the results of console adding life to goo, or changing the ctype of water manually.

To report a bug, post about it here, and include information about how to reproduce it.


Half lava (LAVA), half ice (ICE). It has a default temperature of ice. It is semi-liquid.

1. Create ice
2. Use the command:

!set ctype ice lava

3. Melt the ice

Create an n-headed stickman

1. place n particles of a sparkable metal (use debug mode if you're not sure)
2. pause the game, and spark the metal thoroughly
3. !set ctype sprk stkm (or stk2)
4. press F
5. if you don't want your n-headed stickman to commit instant suicide, surround it with wall
1. place a n particles
2. type in console "!set type (particle) stkm/stk2"

  • It is preferable to set the life of stickman to 100 after the n-headed stickman is formed, otherwise each head will have a life of 4 (the default life of metal after spark passes through)

Tip: Press down while n-headed stickman is activated. If you're lucky, you may create stacked dust (i.e. more than one pixel of dust occupies a single pixel space.

Create a 2/3 headed stickman

1. place a stkm down on a platform
2. place a single particle (any particle except wall or the element your platform is made of)
3. go to console and enter "!set type (particles name) stkm" (with out the quotation marks)
4. You have a two headed stkm where each head has an individual health and ability to use the special ability (therefor doubling the output of the ctype or each stkm is able to use an individual special ability)

(its a very tricky glitch so it may never work for you, its mainly luck if happens for you)

1. place a stkm down on a platform
2. place around 14 pixels in the air around the stkm (preferably dmnd; have got it to work with that; make sure its platform isnt made out of dmnd...)
3. go to the console and enter "!set type (dmnd) stkm"  (without the parrenthesis and quotation marks)
4. if your lucky it will glitch in the air for around 5 sec. to up to 1 min. and the outcome will produce a 3-headed stkm.
Note: dont be fooled by the first look if it happens; it sometimes looks like its 2-headed and its 3-headed and sometimes it is 2-headed and sometimes it dies and respawns a normal, 1-headed stkm. There is no guarantee it will ever work. It is a glitch but I have seen it with my own eyes that it works.

Destroying conductive powders and liquids

1. place some detector wall
2. place the conductive powder above the wall

Destroying DMND

1.Get a Dray based lag machine
2.Put it around a diamond