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In Powder Toy, and indeed many other forums, there are special terms and "equations" that perform different tasks.

What we mean when we say...

When we need to say something in forum lingo, this is what it means:

Forum Terms
TPT The Powder Toy
TPT++ The Powder Toy, which is now written in c++. It has the same meaning of tpt, but is used to talk about something only in the c++ rewrite.
FP front page. This is the first page you see when you open the save browser, with new saves coming on and going off every day. It is picked automatically.
Save ID Your save ID, the number at the end of a save's URL. You can get this in game by clicking the box below the save preview
Flame Useless arguing or cussing on a thread
Spam Posting useless pics or comments
WATR, DMND, ect. These are abbreviations of elements in Powder Toy.
Thread Starts a topic
Topic Something to talk on while on the forum. I.E. the actual page you can type on.
Mod Modifications done to Powder Toy by other users*
Mod a moderator, someone who keeps the forums safe* (e.g. jacob1)
Necro Posting on an old thread (one that was forgotten about) without posting something constructive or that helps someone.

*This has two meanings depending on the way you use it. If someone says "I used that mod" then it's obviously definition #1. If someone says "Mods are unfair" then it's definition #2.


In forums, certain characters can be put together into patterns that cause certain things to happen, such as an image appearing or a save ready for download.


The website runs with HTML, like a normal website. And so,if you Google "HTML" it will appear with hundreds of combinations such as

<strong></strong> or <i></i>

The former makes the text Bold, the latter, Italic.

<img src"(URL of image here)" /> can be used to make images, and <a href ="(URL here)">text that is a link</a> will create a link to any url


Powder Toy has special "equations" too. For example, placing "~" followed by a save ID (see above table) will allow you to place your save ready to download from that page.

In a save, placing this as the sign text:


Will create a link to the save.