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7th line of periodic table
Hoi! Im glad that you found my biography and reading it! :D

I am random TPT user who loves science and arts. I love creating them too. I put highest effort in my TPT saves, so I will be very happy if you love my save (no??ok... :c)! I usually make science and various things.

Btw all my saves are free-to-copy! :D

----------1.Elemental information-----------

My home:
Milky way, planet earth of solar system, nuclear reactor

My age:
1848, I am very young plutonium!

My weight:
0.5 kilogram (if I weight more, I may explode)

My religion:

My family:


I like these :) :

1. The Powder Toy
[ THE ]
[ TOY ]

2. Roblox
roblox: powering tix slaughter

3. Kurzgesagt
Kurzgesagt-in a nutshell

4. science
[]: quark
{}: photon
(): electron

I hate these :( :

1. The saves get in FP with low effort and luck

2. Going outside
I am element, so I dont have legs. but poeple around me says that I have to go outside! :(

3. Trolls
Not hating them is strange...

4. My hand
My brain always make an idea about extremely fancy saves. And when I try to draw things that my brain imagined, horrible thing, to ugly to look at comes out from my hand

People always talk about uranium! and people does not even say a single word about plutonium! Im useful too! D:

(second and last one is jk with my username)

I watch these youtube channels:
All the satisfying

I play these games:
Every Touhou Series

I like these TPTusers:

publishes unapproachable quality of art

Electronic pro
Watched my save for months

Also electronic pro
Watched my save for months
Helped me develop my highly-messy electronic

4.Many others who publish quality saves
You, looking this now might be one of them
If you are, I thx you soooo much

------3.Short story about meh account-------

Since I installed TPT, I didnt know how to register. So I spend two years at making saves of my own. When I finally registered, I published lots of existing saves in my hard drive(I inserted little effort before publishing it). It is why I am good at art or creating saves even if I had only ten month online experience. My saves are work of two lonely years spend in TPT. TPT is now one of my favorite game.

Also I exist everywhere in earth crust!!!!!Muwhahaha!!!! ):D

Easter egg: I like money

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Enjoyed the party? :) There are more texts prepared for you! :D

Ok...lemme take out some of the interesting facts about TPT.

TPT's interesting facts (that I know)

1. You can make (almost) anything in TPT!
2. If you press "1" key when pressing "shift" key, you can watch life gradient display.
3. All of TPT's save is just few gigabites!
4. There are some save errors that changes publication date of save to 1900s, like ID:100.
5. Jacob2 is Jacob1's brother.

Here are some of science stuff that I wrote for u! :D

Some are from Kurzgesagt, and some are from me!

[Fusion Energy]

One of the most important elements that running human civilization may be energy. There are lots of ways to get energy. But the energy sources countries using have dark side. Burning fossil fuel makes smoke that causes climate change, nuclear power plants make nuclear waste. Also clean energy like wind or solar power is too expensive. There is a new way to solve problems: fusion energy. Fusion energy uses hydrogen to make electricity. And fusion energy does not make any harmful nuclear waste. It can also make energy of one barrel oil with one cup of sea water.
Fusion energy is like building a sun on earth. Basically, sun fuses hydrogen into helium to produce energy. By doing so, the sun shines with energy of 10 trillion nukes per second. Based on how sun make energy, scientists thought that fusion can produce unimaginable amount of energy. And just extracting tiny part of fusion energy, it will provide 100 times electricity compared to nuke reactor. Also, this technology is already tested successfully. In Korea fusion experiment, KSTAR, scientists heated hydrogen plasma to 100 million c.
In the world, there are four kind of fusion experiments on testing. One kind of experiment uses very strong magnet to make hydrogen spin very fast. In that process, hydrogen become 100 million c plasma. These test facilities are in France, Germany and some other countries. In USA, more extreme fusion experiment is on process. American fusion facility uses 500tw (!)laser to fuse hydrogen with short laser pulse (this extreme laser has potentially stronger force than what people see in some sci-fi animation).
But building lots of suns on Earth sounds risky. Fortunately, we do not have to worry about it. Unlike explosive nuke reactor, fusion reactor just stops when electricity stops. Plasma quickly expand and cool, leaving only some helium or hydrogen behind. And there are arguments that helium 3, a dangerous isotope of helium, can cause radioactive pollution. But this isotope will quickly diluted by sea water because they are too little.
Fusion energy is large opportunity to our civilization. It will provide cheap and safe energy to everyone. Scientists are not sure when the fusion energy will be useable. There are lots of experiments going on to make that time be now. If fusion energy finally becomes available, there will be almost no electrical fee! (The most great effect of fusion energy)

[Story About Quark and Other Things]

Quarks are the original particles that form atoms. There are six types of quarks: up quark, down quark, charm quark, strange quark, top quark, bottom quark. Up quarks and down quarks form atoms. Proton and neutrons are made with up and down quarks. Other quarks are very hard to make, so they can only made or exist in JUST right condition.
One quark that scientists trying to make a right theory about is strange quark. It is more energetic form of down quarks. Scientists think there is quark matter in very dense neutron star, which purely made of quarks. If there was very big star, it could form denser neutron star than other neutron star. It holds half mass of big star, so it has VERY strong gravity. The gravity may rip atoms apart, making quark matter. The gravity will even able to fuse quarks with enermous power. When quarks fuse, they can become strange quarks.
Quarks are very small. Scientists research about quarks by detecting very weak energy of quarks with computer. The reason why electric microscope cannot see quarks is that light wave that scientists uses for scanning is too big to touch quarks. But even light with very short wave still cannot be solution for seeing. If light wave is too short, light wave kicks particles away.
There are many other issues in science about explaining nature force. For example, gravity is huge problem for scientists. Every time scientists test their method about quantum physics and when they try to add gravity in it, their theory broke down. String theory and wormholes are also a problem. String theory is based on this thought: every particle and force in the universe is result of vibrating string, including gravity. It started on thinking: "if particles in some point of space cannot explain gravity, what is more complex than point? It might be the line, or string!" It is how string theory was born. After string theory, scientists made more theory about our universe. One of them is wormhole theory. The wormhole theory starts from baby universe. Wormhole theory says there could be some original strings which were existed from early universe. The string expanded over billions of years by universe expension, making pathway to travel faster than the speed of light to other side of space. It is keep forming now by space-time curving black holes. They rip space time and form a gateway to somewhere in the universe.
Theory of our universe sounds useless. They also sound very complicated. But they are talking about atoms, including atoms of human body. The string theory or quantum mechanic sounds useless, but it is a knowledge that will teach us about the nature of everything.


Wormholes are pathways which connects two places in universe. Wormholes allows particles travel faster than speed of light. Wormholes look like black holes, but black holes and wormholes are totally different. Wormholes have a exit gate called white holes. Unlike black holes, white holes spit out particles that black holes swallowed.
Einstein`s theory about gravity defines that gravity is not same with other original forces. He thought that gravity is geometry, geometry of space-time itself. The heavier object on gravity curves space-time more. By curving space-time like that, dense objects like black holes may break the space-time. If it happens, Black holes can connect two far places with short way.
To make wormholes, the exotic matter is needed. Exotic matter is not a matter like others in the universe. It has negative mass. It means the exotic matter pushes particles away with antigravity. Exotic matter provides right condition to keep wormholes open.
Some wormholes may existed for entire universe`s history. If string theory was right, at the big bang, some original strings could expanded over universe. It could be extending through the universe with one entrance and one exit which is getting far away each other day by day.
Wormhole are extremely dangerous too. When object is too big, by trait of black hole that stretches object, earth can get stretched over light years and be a hot rock stick of debris coming out from white hole. In positive side, big enough wormhole can deliver spaceships to another galaxies. And it will be very helpful to colonize universe.


Skyhook is like floating space elevator. It is designed to make ships come up and get a boost to go other planet, which is similar to space elevator. It catches rockets from orbit of earth then sends them into deep space. By doing it, rocket used to get a same boost can be 90 percent smaller.
Skyhook is not a space elevator, that cost a lot and hard to build. Space elevator can only be placed in equator of earth. But skyhook can be placed in any earth orbit. It also makes more boost than space elevator.
Skyhook can bring spaceships back to earth by catching returning spaceships at top. By doing it, skyhook`s efficiency is clearer. By making skyhook spin, it becomes more efficient. But spinning means it need more careful calculations. If calculation is wrong, spaceship or skyhook can crush into the atmosphere.
Skyhooks have problems too. Skyhook loses energy each time it gives energy to spaceships. But by bringing spaceships back to earth, skyhook can get energy to stay orbit.
When skyhooks finally starting to orbit earth, we will be able to control entire solar system, and expand beyond stars.

[Gamma Ray Burst]

Gamma ray burst, short for GRB, is one of the most powerful things in the universe. GRBs have the energy of 1000 galaxies, each with billions of stars. Unlike other explosions that fades, GRBs are like death star lasers. When GRB hits a planet, it will vaporize the planet in a second. Its energy is equivalent to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons TNT, or 1 nonillion tons of TNT.
GRBs were first detected by American spy satellite during cold war. One day, the satellite caught a faint bursts coming from space. Later, it is estimated that it came from billions of light years away. This observation shows how strong GRB is.
GRB is created by hypernova, a supernova 100 times stronger than normal supernova. colliding neutron star can make GRB too. Hypernova GRB is long, but neutron star GRB is short. When GRB occurs, it means new black hole is made. Created black holes are usually bigger than earth.
Some scientists say GRB striked earth once. Once upon a time, there was mass extinction that killed 60% of marine life.
Also, GRBs can hit the earth from anywhere. There is three stars can go to hypernova. Betelgeuse, VY Canis Majoris,and UY Scuti. They are all in our galaxy and they are supermassive star that can explode whenever. So we have to go inside the bunker and prepare for the worst...

[String Theory]

What is the true nature of universe? To answer this question, humans come up with stories to describe the world. Humans test stories and learn what to keep and what to throw away. But the more humans learn, the more complicated and weird the stories become. Some of them so much so, that it`s really hard to know what they are actually about. Like string theory, a famous, difficult and often misunderstood story about the nature of everything.
To understand the true nature of reality, people looked at things up close, and amazed. Everything are made from structures of molecules. And the molecules are made up of even smaller things: atoms. People thought atoms were the smallest thing until they smashed atoms together so hardly. Then people discovered things that cannot be divided anymore: elementary particles like quarks, bosons, or leptons.
Scientists invented new story about elementary particles because they cannot be observed anymore. They decided the particle is a point in space. In this way, scientists could calculate all of their interactions. That theory solved a lot of problems. But there is a huge problem: gravity. In point particle theory, all forces are carried by particles. But in Einstein`s theory, gravity is not a force like others. In this case, point particle theory does not work.
So some scientists thought about more complex shape than point. They thought string is more complex than a point. It is how string theory was made. String theory describes particles with vibration of string including gravity. So string theory had been a possible theory of everything.
Unfortunately, string theory requires 10 dimensions. It means string theory does not work in our universe. So scientists tried to take out six dimensions and describe our universe, but nobody has succeeded. String theory also does not have an experiment to be proven.
Some can say string theory is useless theory. But string theory can be very helpful theory. By trying to explain string theory, scientists can make a new theories about true nature of universe. By making theories, scientists will get close to truth of universe. And one day, they will discover the nature of reality.

[Stellar Engine]

The Sun orbits Milky Way in every 24M years. In the sun`s orbit, there are many dangerous objects like supernova, neutron star, or black hole. And objects like those can destroy Solar System. To avoid it, we will need to build Stellar Engine. It is designed for moving the star.
There are two types of stellar engine. A giant mirror,shkadov thruster, and huge fusion reactor, caplan thruster. A giant mirror collects photons and refocuses them to the sun. Each photon makes tiny pressure. The mirror pushes sun with slow speed. To keep the mirror from crushing into the sun, the mirror needs to be very thin so it can float on the sun by photon pressure. It also has many difficult. One micrometer mirror is extremely hard to build. It is weak too. The mirror can be hit by an asteroid.
Instead of giant mirror, there is another type of stellar engine. This is more efficient way, but it requires more technology. Atomic engine uses H and He to push the sun. And it gets fuel from sun`s magnetic field. When the fuel goes in, the giant magnetic coil inside the engine separates the fuel to H and He. Then main engine fuses fuel to make very hot oxygen jet. Oxygen jet pushes the engine. The engine also blasts hydrogen jet which keeps the engine from crushing into the sun.
In far future, the solar system can meet a giant star going supernova. Or small star passing by the sun can shower the meteor all around the solar system. Stellar engines can change entire solar system into a giant spaceship. When passing some stars, humans can colonize the stars by sending some spaceship on other star. The stellar engine can even make solar system escape the Milky Way.
The stellar engine can be constructed by civilization who wants to thrive over trillions of years. Resources of one solar system is limited. Someday, civilizations will need to go to other systems which have plenty of resources. The stellar engine will be the key of surviving. And it will be the key of glorious human future.

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