2020-02-02 17:52:43
City 17
Hi, i'm french, i won't hide you the fact that i'm a furry.

I love video games, my favorites are Half Life 2, portal 2, Subnautica, Satisfactory, Gmod and.... TPT, naturally :)
My favorites animales are dragons, snakes and dogs (followed by cats)

I'm a big fan of HTTYD btw :3
And now a WOF fan too, that's probably one of my best books saga lol

Well, ngl, i'm just a big fan of Dragons in general lol

old PFP Made by a friend @Aurora_rainsea on instagram, it's my oc Flameflower
This one was made by Syuriie

Trades art with me are open officialy (and commission for friends), i can, draw furries and dragons (but i draw dragons better)
PS i can draw SFW and the other one, if you're interested or just want to tchat with me, my intagrams are @serdagonn_ and @the_powder_guy. My steam is Serdagonn. My discord is AxeDJcreeper210#0127 (i have pb, so i can't answer for now)

For more about me, I love Dragons so much, it's the most majestic mythical creature that exist, moreover, they are just creazy, badass, impressive, and very powerful but they can be just cute and full of love (like in HTTYD).
I really like furries, and i want them to be less hated, and i'll do everything i can, i also like The Half life Universe, especially the combine Tech

Wait, i'm also one of the creator of WAFI, the account about furry :3

Fun fact: I was born the same day as Gabe Newell (3/11)

Check this id:2780106 (it's a VIP acces to my City 3 (WIP))

Hey, you, pick up that can!

| Dr B | {--(this is supposed to \----------/ be a can*)

The cake is a lie!
The cake is a lie!
The cake is a lie!

I have a 1st gift for you (a little and fun game) :

Why are you here ? UwU

If you're here, can you tell me if it's a good idea, i would make a series called "what a furry is?" on TPT, to explain with question/answer what is it, and what is it for me, so is it good ? :3

Mark, if you see this from heaven, i'm sorry, I loved you as strong as i can... I'm so sorry that my love wasn't enough for you... I forgive you and your act... But please forgive me, i need it, i feel worse days after days... QwQ Te amo...

Oh you're finnaly awake, I have a real gift for you, do you like Half Life ? This is a 2D spinoff steam://install/92

Would you haunt me forever ?
I just want you to go, i can't, taht's too much pain that i can't handle...


my favorite tpt users are JozeffTech, FluffyFox, Seekez, VladislDob, FoxieFoxie, Deathclaw88, SamDwich and some other...

I'll probably make an Aperture group on TPT (non official cuz we can't lol, the group creation is closed a long time ago)
If you're interest DM me :3

please, it's time to go...

Is that the freedom ? Or just the begin of the end ? So many questions, no answers, you're still here, why are ou staying quiet ?

Nothing to see here JT ;3
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