2013-06-26 06:42:54
There have been around 10 official Bovine wars and approximately 13 total.
The most recent one, and the one that will be featured in the first chapter of WISHING DAYS, was when the researchers tried to test bovines on a cattle farm.

At the very beginning of the war, the beefmaster commanded the calves to march right into the lab and onto the table.

It was just another day for them.

Yet, when the researchers pulled back the covers and opened the "bullbook" the plan fell apart.

The cows lost it.

They fought back, and they beat the scientists with their tails and kicked them in their balls.

The whole scene was caught on camera by some voyeur cowgirl.

Even though the researchers lost the war, the beefmaster felt like he got the better end of the deal because the filming of the battle proved that the cows were in full charge.

This was the truth that he had been waiting for!

It would make his beef good and rich.

This would be the boost he needed to build up his farm.

That is what he said anyway.

No one can hear the cows if they are trying to scream.

Then the cows took off and ran toward the valley in which their ancestors had lived for generations.

And now there would be blood.

The cattlemen came to town in order to save their precious cows.

However, they were no match for the feral cows.

The beefmaster of the town called in every soldier he could to save the cows, but it was not enough.

They were lost to the farm.

Two months later, the ground began to shake.

The ground began to crack.

The earth opened up and a herd of buffalo flooded out of the hole, leaving in their wake a pile of bones and scorched earth.

The ground began to shake again, and another herd of buffalo emerged from the earth.

The animals that arrived at the village were the Buffalo's descendants.

It is not known what happened to the bones of the previous buffalo.

Perhaps their spirits will remain forever within the soft dirt of the valley, an omen of fate and change.

Surely there are more moments that I want to remember about my time on the Serengeti, but I can't help but think that you don't want to read about them.
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