2017-11-29 13:51:22
France, Brittany
Never happy... never mad,. I don't know what i want in my life, i only work to make my parents happy. Never served a purpose in my life. never felt something during my 15 years of life. Nothing particularly interesting about me. Hope i will find something to do later in life, cuz now aint the time.nothing better to do. If you know me in real life, its probably only because i can find my way when it comes to art.


Was born in France, Brittany more precisely. I'm asian, Between Phillipino and french.

Never understood why i need to work, when i could spend my time on internet, never facing bullying and learning 10x times more altough a bit slower. My proof is that i learned to speak english only knowing basics and listening to english youtubers for multiple years, making me able to pull out an accent almost flawless. And beeing able to speak without stuttering unlike my class mates.

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