2021-01-10 01:07:13
do alt f4 for a prize *don't do it*
Hi if your reading this, I like to make drawings and random saves, I also like coding and 3D modeling, and I am starting to make "NICEBomber7453's mod'

(|but I didn't have the storage lol|)

and I am a starter on scripting TPT lua (I know lua but its a little confusing in TPT)
so I am really trying my best.

I barley am online in TPTMP (The Powder Toy MultiPlayer) mostly i am online in Lobby, guest, ball, poopyyy, wafer, and ball2. and just so you know, TPTMP is only for computer.

so... thats it guys, * s t a r t s q u e s t- i o n i n g m y s e l f *

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