2019-04-05 16:32:56
behind you
i'm some random nerd playing TPT and a few other rhythm games like Stepmania, osu! and Arcaea. of course i'm a weeb, those rhthm games made me become a weeb lmao

i often do electronics saves, sometimes i do no-deco art of things like CPUs or random sprites and assets from games. im currently working on making exact no-deco copies of the HUD assets from the 1995 beta version of mario 64.

i enjoy reading and watching videos about creepy ARGs and stuff like that. i'm also into that now popular "every copy of mario 64 is personalized" creepypasta. greenio is da best lol

i like listening to dubstep and speedcore music, i enjoy listening to skrillex and camellia songs. as for speedcore, TQBF and renard are my favourite artists. don't think i'm a furry by listening to renard and TQBF lmao, i've got weebness in mah blood. i will never become a furry thanks to mah japanese ancestors :P my favorite TQBF songs are Rip Roar Power and Holy Macaroni. another artist i like is jankenpopp, i love his chiptune songs and the way he circuit bends toys and stuff to create epic soundtracks. i've once been into circuit bending, i once wanted to try it myself but i said to better not risk electrocuting myself or doing a big oopsie and setting my entire room on fire. :P

i also like memes, especially the surreal ones. surreal memes just have this funny broken vibe i enjoy. n o g o i n g m o r e t h a n 8 s p e e d s . i have a long list of favorite youtubers, the ones i like the most are tokaku, greenio, and vinesauce.

that's about all i have to say about myself..

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