2019-04-05 16:32:56
behind you
i'm a random weeb floating around le interwebz. i often play rhythm games like osu! and stepmania, and when i'm bored of those i start playing garry's mod. haha face poser go brrrrr

so, uhh, in TPT i'm good at making electronics and art sometimes. i often piss myself off at trying to make electronics as small as possible. sometimes i succeed, sometimes i don't. no-deco art is a pain too.

what music genres do i like? well, i like lots of lapfox trax songs (yes, i'm another lapfox fan) like the big black, atmos break, banned forever or rubber band. i also like listening to skrillex songs like reptile, bangarang, cinema, scary monsters and nice sprites etc.

oh yea, i also play on the TPT servers (both survival and creative)

yeah i really dunno what to put here

i forgot to say that i dream of being a music producer one day but i can't afford ableton or a launchpad or a midi keyboard or something

edit: actually i have caustic installed on my phone, havent used it until now.

so how's your day? mine's pretty good idk

i play among us too



bye i guess

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