2019-04-05 16:32:56
*insert overused "Behind you"*
i'm a random weeb floating around le interwebz. i often play rhythm games like osu! and stepmania, and when i'm bored of those i start playing garry's mod. haha face poser go brrrrr

so, uhh, in TPT i'm good at making electronics and sometimes art. i often piss myself off at trying to make electronics as small as possible. sometimes i succeed, sometimes i don't. no-deco art is a pain too.

i started playing offline way back in 2017. i only found out about the PC version of TPT around early 2018 and i finally made this account in april of 2019.

stuff I like
- seeing my electronics work after being done
- my saves getting FP for a long time (only happened 3 or 4 times :kekw:)
- listening to the slowed down and muffled version of Kero Kero Bonito - I'd Rather Sleep
- weirdcore/liminal spaces
- getting good scores in osu! or any other rhythm game i play

artists i listen to
- m1dy
- Skrillex
- some aliases of Lapfox Trax (ahem, HALLEY LABS) like Renard
or The Quick Brown Fox
- probably a few other artists

music genres i like
- breakcore
- hardcore
- speedcore
- dubstep

yea i know
3 of them end with "-core" lol

oh yea, i also play on the TPT servers (both survival and creative)

yeah i really dunno what to put here

i forgot to say that i dream of being a music producer one day but i can't afford ableton or a launchpad or a midi keyboard or something

edit: actually i have caustic installed on my phone, havent used it until now. i'm using it to make samples for now, idk if i'll ever get to make an entire song

so how's your day? mine's pretty good idk

oh yes i do play among us too


amen break 4 life

let me make this clear:
furries are human beings as well.
furries are not bad at all, they're just fans of this kind of fiction, like Star Wars fans or TPT fans.
you should all think about this. furries can be considered as yet another wonder of the internet.
i used to hate furries myself but eventually i found out they aren't that bad.

furries are harmless to everyone.
they won't eat you alive.
you have absolutely no reason to hate them.
if you really despise them THAT much you should just let them be.

historic TPT events i have seen myself
- 01/20/2021 11:59:29 AM - Loadstar's Return

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