2019-04-05 16:32:56
[insert overused "Behind you"]
a guy who likes the Half-Life series and obviously plays TPT

in TPT i'm good at making electronics and sometimes art. i often piss myself off at trying to make electronics as small as possible. sometimes i succeed, sometimes i don't. no-deco art is a pain too, i often have trouble finding the right elements for the right colours..

i started playing offline way back in 2017. i only found out about the PC version of TPT around early 2018 and i finally made this account in april of 2019.

i'm a furry (not really publically yet though) and i probably will post more furry-themed saves soon if i manage to gain more interest in TPT, for now though i'm focusing on other electronics and other stuff in general

stuff I like
- seeing my electronics work after being done
- my saves getting FP for a long time (only happened 3 or 4 times :kekw:)
- protogens and sergals
- weirdcore/liminal spaces
- kicking combine ass

artists i listen to
- m1dy
- Skrillex
- some aliases of Lapfox Trax (ahem, HALLEY LABS) like Renard
- camellia
- kelly bailey (he's the artist of both HL1 and HL2's soundtracks, awesome stuff he makes)
- tally hall (pls come back)

music genres i like
- breakcore
- speedcore
- dubstep
- drum n bass

yeah i really dunno what to put here

i dream of being a music producer one day but i can't even afford a decent DAW

so how's your day? mine's pretty good idk


Cool Bug Facts:
some furries are innocent people who just think animals which talk and stand on two legs are cool, though, indeed, certain parts of their community can be considered utterly disgusting by everyone. don't prepare your hate cannons if the specific furry you're looking at hasn't done anything bad, but if they DID do something really bad, then go on, blast the fuck out of them with a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with dragon's breath shells, i completely approve of your actions

historic TPT events i have seen myself
- 01/20/2021 11:59:29 AM - Loadstar's Return

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