2020-02-13 16:46:26
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My name is FluffyFox I am a furry and I like to make art and music. I am intrested in making games and various coding projects but idk how yet. my favorite animal is foxes and wolfs. I really want to get good at art and there are no other programs with this easy to use tools so i use tpt. I like helping people out. PM me if you you need help with something!. my favorite thing to do in this game is make art and sometimes pixel art
My favorite anime is: Made in abyss

some of my favorite music artists are: MrSuicideSheep, Porter Robinson, and Panda Eyes
My discord is: DevariteTheFox#4441 dm me saying you are from tpt before snding a friend request My soundcloud account: https://soundcloud.com/devarite
My deviant art https://www.deviantart.com/devarite/gallery
My roblox user is: nuexr

I really like chatting even tho i'm shy in real life. I like feadback and suggestions in the comments of my saves I've been using tpt since april 2018 and created an account in 2019 called Platinumvoid77 but i deleted the email so i created a new account called Devarite in november of 2019 then got the username changed to DevariteTheFox in mid 2020
changed again to FluffyFox in early 2021.
One of my goals of this game is to get the most commented save on tpt This bio is getting huge. Idk what else to put here
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