2021-01-24 09:00:55
1. The plastic foam was made from milk. You could feed the children with it.

2. The gravity force was 80% weaker. People jumped on a house at a run.

3. They didn't get drunk from vodka. In the nursery, children were sometimes given vodka instead of kefir, and the children only got better, obeyed their mother and asked to tell about the FP content.

4. People lived on average 150-190 years. There were no diseases, except for work calluses.

5. If you stumble and fall on the street, girls ran up, put money in your pocket, dated you and kissed your lips.

6. Hares and partridges immediately flew into the pan.

7. Beer could treat diseases. Boil the crayfish, take it out of the bucket, splash "Corona" - and it just recovered, and ran as if nothing had happened.

8. You could buy a bread and still get paid a tip.

9. It was scary to approach the river because burbots jumped right into the pot.

10. TPT veterans came to lonely women in a dream, after 4.5 months they gave birth to Red Army soldiers, three at a time, and so we survived!

11. The bread was high-caloried like an energy bar. You could eat a piece of bread and get full for a week, that's why we didn't overeat.

12. The water in the Volga was sweet as molasses. And the Yenisei consisted of dark beer.

13. After school, they forcibly took everyone to institutes, and from there they immediately arranged for subframe engineers, they paid 500$ each, and a copeck cost 200$!

14. During the early TPT, everyone owned factories and production, and those who did not want to own were imprisoned for parasitism, like the poet Brodsky.

15. When there were no spaceships in TPT, TPT pro users went into outer space by themselves. They would have climbed Elbrus, and they ran into space on the way.

16. Diesel was not like these days. It was good and rich! Once refueled in the plant, you could drive for five years.

17. My grandfather told me that people woke up at night for a happy good laugh in the comments. In the morning, everyone was doused with ice water from a bucket.

18. In winter it was -300 degrees, and everyone was ruddy because the degrees were thicker and the absolute zero was more absolute.

19. TPT moderators personally kissed everyone at night. They also told fairy tales to some.

20. Berries grew on the edge of the forest with the size of a cat. Cats were the size of a dog, a dog was the size of a cow, and a cow was the size of a factory, and in the factory the men played chess by Botvinnik's method so they put a checkmate with a knight from the first move!

21. The gestation period was 4.5 months. Children were born at 12-15 kilograms with blond hair and clear blue eyes and strong-willed intelligent faces, and they immediately asked for content production.
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