2021-07-20 22:36:08
Running off with your lithium.
I have no idea what to really put in here aside from that I have aspergers / autism and am fairly rubbish at communication at times.
I like to dabble in all sorts of things but like to make things as functional as possible. One of my notable designs has been lithium powered weapons ingame that utilise Lithium clips to help sort of simulate ammo clips. In regards to saves, as mentioned, I prefer to make them functional if possible, so I'm more function over form, but I usually do try to make it look aesthetically pleasing when I can, as long as it doesn't impede overall function.

As you can tell, I kind of have an unfortunate habit of writing very long paragraphs.

If I have ever done that on a save's comment section, I sincerely apologise, I honestly don't mean to. I just kind of get carried away, I guess.
I enjoy trying to pursue new things in The Powder Toy and learning as I go along. I like to try and work on unusual stuff like Antimatter Reactors and such.

I like to try and make my designs or inventions / saves compact and small if possible. I'll make something large if I need to, but the next version of it will most likely attempt to rectify that.

I find anthropomorphic animals quite interesting as a concept.
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