2013-09-24 12:32:39
this Bio is dedicated to helping people understand me and learn from it. Im a philsopher, a guy who understands why a person does what he or she does. Im not the best at anything but i know i can indulge myself. and honestly, reader, i'm just "like" you. but also different... "confident" you see. that is my goal at every corner. because if i believe im confident, noone can ever touch me, because i can challenge anything. you clicked on my avatar because your curious about me. but im telling you to be more than that. to learn from it, not like mistakes. mistakes help you counter. but learning makes you know them before you even met it. So Reader, understand this. be yourself but also CARE enough to be better. Be better than the guy who says -1 Art on your saves or others, be better than the guy who abuses you, or is rather ignorant. that is all i have to say...