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Bradona City, Ordos Americus
TPT Lore: I was the first of humanity to become nanotechnologized. I was born into a family, the [DATA EXPUNGED DUE TO DATA CORRUPTION], which ruled the Federation of the Light, a rich and prosperous monarchy spanning the Sagittarius Arm. However, other races, especially those damn war-like savages, declared war against us simultaneously, and bombarded the hell out of us. You should know that this is basically the Warhammer 40k timeline, except there was a small but forever-altering modification, the desire of creating and becoming the shapers of our own destiny, and the undying will of prosperity. It is that quality that helped us create the first of many timeline-altering devices, a Rift Engine that didn't require that goddamn hell called the Warp to travel across multiple worlds, preventing the so called Age of Strife, and therefore the horrors that came after. We evenually purged the other races of their genetics, as they became the first prototype nanobot-based organisms, those that could live without any gas, any liquid, or any solid. However, because it wasn't required to eat, sleep, or drink, savage alien, and especially human stimuli drove the machines insane, so eventually, the first true nanomachines that never had to require electricity to function were impanted to me, the future king. It was that moment when eventually, the Federation of the Light became the Strike Empire, was created, the currently true nanotech-only empire, an empire that never dies, so that we would no longer have to surrender an inch of land. We dealt with every force in the Galaxy, so no matter how the Savage O@((, H*&*#($ E(d*r, and the F(#*st Tau Empire might have striken us, they always fell. However, the last thing we needed to deal with was suffering itself, so we purged the Immaterium, as itslowly shifted to full-on chaos as each Chaos God died of the accelerated entropy we made from the fires of the dark, for we harnessed it into Dark Energy, and used it to increase Entropy. However, something strange did happen... Hmm... I'll think about it later.

kami :D
3 days ago
Holy shit those quick stills on Gold's death are terrifyingly cool-

Gold and his Typhlosion, Petrel and Archer confronting him presumably on Mount Silver (snowy mountain, plus 'Silver', clever), Gold getting ripped apart by their Raticate and Houndoom...and then later tossed off the mountain, his 'pinnacle', mutilated and only to be forgotten more and more with each passing generation, and each passing year.

He truly did fall from the sky, both literally and metaphorically speaking. Though, a point I never saw anyone touch on is his mother...considering how often your mom calls you in the games, and how much she does her best to help you by giving advice and buying helpful items for your journey, she must be worried sick. Especially as her calls just ring out to nothingness, with no-one left to answer her...

Monochrome-reaching to god-even diamonds fade to black and white-
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