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  • cracker64
    4th Aug 2011 Developer 15 Permalink
    This thread is to discuss current Powder Toy changes/features. NOT for suggesting your ideas/elements.

    For those that feel confident in providing feedback for the extreme unknown; Here's an extremely experimental build that uses OpenGL:

    Current Version 77.0
    • New element: GEL
    • New element: TRON
    • Fix flood-delete crashes
    • Fix moving SPNG (use .flags to allow movement, although can't change atm)

    Older changes:
    Version 74.2
    • Fixes for Triangle brush and minor electron bug
    • Debug lines for WiFi, Portal and Soap
    • Fusion for H2 at high temperature+high pressure
    • Ambient heat and Newtonian Gravity in Quick Options menu.
    • Smudge tool
    • Speed improvements for particle drawing
    • More consistent spark speed (possibly affects existing circuits)
    • BRAY fire speed (Only shoots once per spark)
    • DLAY blocked by INSL
    • WIFI will always take one frame to transmit SPRK
    • Ambient heat blocked by walls.
    • New elements: FRAY - Similar to ARAY but applies force, RPEL - Attract and repel particles
    • DEUT can be compressed by gravitational fields
    • Fix for "bumpy" streams of photons coming from PCLN
    • Allow DEST to be used with clone elements
    • Icon for Force Elements
    • Allow Walls to be used to protect PIPE
    • Improve appearance of BCOL
    • Fix bug where Ice won't melt

    Version 71.3
    • Enable use of caching server to improve performance or thumbnail retrieval.
    • Fix issue where sign tool creates invalid walls
    • Fix issue where LRBD/RBDM isn't ignited by WATR
    • Fix crash on rotating a stamp with walls as wide as the window
    • Fix Invisible photons
    • Fix bug where WARP+SING destroys DMND
    • Fix issue where Lua can't create photons in glass

    Beta Version 69.1 (119)
    • New Lua API features, ability to edit particle type properties from tpt.el... array, particles are exposed as an array now

    Beta Version 69.0
    • New element: TNT (Doesn't cause crash anymore in build 116)
    • Bug fix for LCRY and ELEC
    • Restore old LCRY/DECO rendering
    • Fix display modes on number hotkeys not saving correctly

    Beta Version 68.7
    • Additions to Lua API:
      • tpt.el : Table of element types, tpt.el.none = 0, tpt.el.dust = 1, etc
      • tpt.version : Table of version info, tpt.el.major, minor, build
      • int tpt.element(string name) : returns numeric ID of given element name, tpt.element("WATR") = tpt.el.watr
      • tpt.element_func(function func, int element, [boolean replace]) : Sets the update function for a specific element: func has the following args: (int index, int x, int y, int surround, int nt)

    Beta Version 66.1 ... 68.6
    • Bug fixes for graphics.

    Beta Version 66.1 (102)
    • Massive overhaul of graphics code, appearance of many elements changed.

    Version 65.5 (100)
    • New elements from MaksProg, LIGH, TESC, EMP and DEST.
    • STKM can use LIGH.
    • Another FILT mode (3 will subtract its color).
    • Quick options menu, top right, can toggle various options quickly.
    • Lots and lots of fixes.

    Version 64.3 (88)
    • Decoration editor tool menu, with lighten and darken tools.
    • Can type in decoration editor color boxes for specific RGB values, hit enter after typing a number to confirm.
    • SOAP removes decoration, opposite of BIZR.
    • Water equalization, turn on in options menu, or tpt.watertest() .
    • BUBW changes to be more realistic, can explode.
    • New element CAUS, an acid like gas, created from ACID+WTRV.
    • Can see selected elements from Lua, tpt.selectedl or tpt.selectedr .
    • Saved settings are in JSON format, replaces powder.def
    • Can opt in to receive beta updates.
    • QRTZ scatters photons.
    • New Tool, PROP, edit properties easily without console.
    • FILT has modes with .tmp (0,1,2). 0 is convert (old method). 1 will filter (only close color can pass). 2 is add color.
    • 'Sign out' button in the login menu, instead of submitting blank data.
    • Fancy colored powders, hit 'n' to toggle.

    Version 61.2
    • Fix a Lua mouse event bug.
    • Can set decoration layer, "dcolour" property.
    • Fixed some possible cases where particles disappear randomly.

    Version 61.1
    • Fix some memory leaks.
    • STOR will absorb anything when no ctype set, and its ctype can't be a solid element.

    Version 61.0
    • Added energy only wall (Photons, Neutrons, etc) as replacement for Gas only wall fix
    • STOR will change appearance when it holds a particle.

    Version 60.1
    • Tools menu which holds AIR, HEAT, COOL, ect.
    • tpt.getscript() to download scripts from the official script repository.
    • tpt.setwindowsize(scale, fullscreen) to change the scale (1 or 2) and fullscreen (0 or 1).
    • Selection for stamp/copy is now by pixel.
    • Water puts out fire better.
    • New Elements CO2, BUBW, DRIC, STOR, PVOD, CONV.
    • Zoom toggle alt-z.
    • BIZR acts as a dye.
    • Many other various fixes and improvements.

    Version 57.5
    • Fix in Lua keyevent function

    Version 57.4
    • Fixes Stickman 2 "Spaz"
    • Fixes bug where electrode would delete particles if replace mode was enabled.

    Version 57.3
    • Fixes bug where Coal is invisible when first drawn.

    Version 57.2
    • Allows scrolling of the "special" menu

    Version 57.1
    • Stops the client launching a DDoS attack on the server when checking for updates.

    Version 57
    • Gravity tools (NGRV and PGRV)
    • Allow reloading of directly opened files
    • Graphical changes to Coal

    Version 56
    • GBMB element. (Required Newt. Gravity)

    Version 55
    • WIRE element.
    • Extra line tool info ( tpt.setdebug(4) )

    Version 53.3
    • New Lua API functions to get keyboard/mouse presses.

    Version 53.1
    • Fix old GoL + clone saves. Other LIFE visual improvements.
    • Fancy lensing for newtonian gravity (Fancy veiw).
    • DLAY element.
    • New Lua API functions (from me4502).
  • nmd
    4th Aug 2011 Member 1 Permalink
    tpt was going a little slow, thanks for coming out with a beta!
    what new API functions are there?

    and I'm not figuring out how to make the delay element work...

    now, TPT is going really fast...


    wow, you guys must be working really hard on this game. This is just amazing!
  • surfcash
    4th Aug 2011 Member 0 Permalink
    to make it work but pscn at the start and nscn after and use heat to make it take longer, if you make it a negative temp it wont ever send the spark
  • MasterMind555
    4th Aug 2011 Member 0 Permalink
    @cracker64 (View Post)
    I like DLAY
    I won't use it though...
  • surfcash
    4th Aug 2011 Member 0 Permalink
    im trying to make a save that uses it but i dont know what
  • nmd
    4th Aug 2011 Member 0 Permalink
    I still can't make it work -_-'
    I feel really dumb right now.
  • surfcash
    4th Aug 2011 Member 0 Permalink
    whats not working about it?
  • Spektyte
    4th Aug 2011 Member 0 Permalink
    Still no fullscreen for Mac...

    Other than that, nice.
  • me4502
    4th Aug 2011 Member 0 Permalink
    @cracker64 (View Post)
    Are you able to add something like the Lua functions are by me or is it a no credit in feedback thread a policy...

    @Spektyte (View Post)
    Glitch in SDL not tpt
  • cracker64
    4th Aug 2011 Developer 0 Permalink
    @Spektyte (View Post)
    @me4502 (View Post)
    I thought mac fullscreen was fixed?
    will test on my mac later. (it might be the new Lion crap messing it up)
    Also yes, credit can go to you, just forgot.
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