Powder Toy Command Line Shell

  • Cr15py
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    This script allows you to enter commands into a Powder Toy input box, run them in your OS's native command line parser, and display the output in Powder Toy's standard window(e.g. not console, but in the sandbox space) as drawn text, so it won't interfere with you creations, other than two pixels of metal that are inconspicuous. This is useful to those who wish to interact with their operating system from Powder Toy(without having to open a command shell) through a easy to use interface.

    1) Download the script from here and save it as "terminal.lua".
    2) Open Powder Toy.
    3) Open console(press "`" or "~")
    4) Type in the following, then press enter, "dofile("terminal.lua")". As usual enter everything inside the outer set of quotes(including inner quotes and their contents).
    5) Enjoy the command line shell! n_n
    NOTE: If you have my modloader, you can simply place this in your lua folder, add the file name to the mods.txt, and type "dofile("Modloader.lua")"

    Instructions for User:
    To enter a command, either spark the pixel of metal in the top, left corner, or type "cmd()" into console. An input window will pop up, type your command here and hit "OK". The output of the command will be displayed in the standard game "play space" or sandbox.

    To clear the text being displayed either spark the pixel of metal in the top left corner or type "clear()" into console. The text will disappear from the screen.

    This save allows you to more easily use and get used to using the Powder Toy Command Line Shell. It has larger, labeled buttons(the reason they are usually small is to make keep them from interfering with saves), and a windows showing the command output.

  • gamax92
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    The text isint appearing in the save.
  • gunz
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    thats wat i thawt
  • Ace
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    @gamax92 (View Post)
    What command did you type?
  • Cr15py
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    @Ace (View Post)
    I just used ls -a. I'm on linux though. But there should be pipe support on Windows.