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    I think if there was a new website for it (a sub-domain) that would be like that would have what people mention before, with the leasers having moderator privileges on it, but the mods on this forum would have the privileges on all of the groups, and other great things. I know this would take a while to make but it would be great and than the groups would only fill up the recent topics on the sub-domain of

    Would be awesome

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    Cool :D
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    I terribly hope that's what he meant, but there will be limited number of threads, for less group spam :D

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    I'm glad they were closed, especially Norsefire: Rogue was spamming on every group that they'll be destroyed if they don't go under his command.
    I really was starting to get sick of that guy spamming the forum with nonsense, who thought with his so-called empire he had influence over other people which cannot be challenged :L.

    But yes I think this new approval system would be very effective once put in place. I have a feeling there will be some mods who will be dedicated to surveying these groups to make sure what is being posted is reasonable and not going off-topic/abusive/spam.
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    i did not. i asked pewople if they wanted to join so THIS didnt happen. yeah i over reacted get over it
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    Im not happy, i spent months getting my group together. I made mine in Febuary when this big Anti group riot want around. If i wouda known i wontda made a group >:
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    i actually get help from my groups and co-operate accordingly, i have never spammed ~to my knowledge~ and can't wait for "powder toy group section"
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    Well you all need to get approval. If you do just transfer the first post.
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    Groups are being locked temporarily, they will be back, we are not completely removing them.
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    Great! :), i wasn't smamming BTW. I want my group to be contructive to TPT
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    i wasent spamming either and i try my best to help my group and my group is for fun and a good challenge also.
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    I did have a thread that outlined a solution that works well for users, groups, group owners, staff and everyone else... it would require some coding but so long as you piggy back it on the existing infrastructure it would only take a few days.
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