Crackdown on Spam

  • Xenocide
    11th Apr 2011 Member 0 Permalink
    The spam thread has been closed. Unlucky, move on people. Not moving? OK then. Here's the problem:

    People do not need to spam, people just want to be seen. Most users in that spam thread have more posts than me, I've been here since last August at least while some of you have been here since December at the earliest. Doesn't that tell you something on the scale of the crap we have?

    The spam thread being closed had nothing to do with people putting images and memes in other threads to get a point across, if anything, the amount of spam has DECREASED since the closure of the thread. The best way to remove something is to show NO TOLERANCE towards it. So:

    tl;dr: We don't want spam, people who need to spam should either see their therapist or join 4chan. What we do want are people who will contribute to the community.

    And to enforce the No Spam thing...
    Anyone who mentions the spam thread from now until 13 Apr 2011 BST will receive an automatic one hour stackable ban per offence. other spam offences will be judged accordingly by the moderators.
  • Xenocide
    11th Apr 2011 Member 0 Permalink
    The crackdown is now over and I want to thank people for helping us in reporting spamming users and learning not to spam themselves.

    Over the course of the anti spam war, 10 people received bans totalling 189 hours altogether and 2 users have been permabanned for evading a ban placed on them during this time. No bans at all were issued for mentioning the Spam thread :D

    We will still be clamping down on spam, however, insta-bans will no longer be issued for minor offences.
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