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    The Mayhem Mod

    Release: (You should all be able to unpack tar.gz; use 7zip if not) (Tar-GZ(Full src + all installs)) (Windows package(DLLs + SSE-x.exe-s)) (ZIP(Full src + all installs))
    BTW, release does not have the DLLs. Links: DLLs
    * - SDL.dll
    * - libbz2-2.dll
    * - libgnurx-0.dll
    ><><><>< This is old. :( You won't be able to open any new saves until I figure out how to preserve my updates while getting new versions. BTW, the hope-giving New update sign is up, also not knowing how to stop it. I'm not very active anymore on this.. I'm sort of a deal-with-it-a-lot-then-move-on type of guy. Sorry 'bout that. If this gets popular I should start updating it again.
    • No pressure caps!
    • New useful/useless elements!
    • Temperature caps are now 2 million K!

    Nuke Primer(Done, Epic Glitch from Thunder Gas)
    Heater (Done)
    Cooler (Done)
    Quark-Gluon Plasma(super-hot?)(Done)
    Acid BCOL liquid - Napalm
    Alt+Middle - Heat-sample particle
    Thunder Gas (Done)
    BOMB with huge radius
    Touch-sensitive liquid(Trap liquid) (Done)
    Moving Solids
    Battery Gas(Done)
    Nitrogen Gas(Doing)
    Nitrous Oxide(What does it do?)5.(Transitions from N2 + H2O - (Real reaction: N2 + H2O = N2O + H2(up)))(Doing)
    Troll stickman(trollface)
    Electrons(MaksProg's Mod)6.
    Fighter(random dudes)
    Mercury(DEUT that is gray and conducts, also NBLE special effect)
    In idea state:
    Jar system

    CONTRIBUTORS: (Already commited)
    Neospector: Stickman Elevator gas

    BETA TESTERS: (this gives you the right to commit to my source)
    1. gamax92
    2. vsolon7
    3. Pilojo
    4. marek11
    There will be only them.

    Known issues:
    No 32-bit releases for linux.(I know, missing stubs-32.h)
    Cooler superheats.

    EDIT 9001: i think i'm rewriting some of the suggestions into
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  • sillu129
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    thunder gas
  • pegosh2
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    Alt-MiddleClick = Sample Particle with Heat.
  • snowfire777
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    This post is hidden because the user is banned
  • boxmein
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    @sillu129 Done!
    @pegosh2 Gimme some time and coke and I'll do it.
  • sillu129
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    troll element breaks the laws of physics :D
  • Cr15py
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    Increase temperature max to 2 billion, make Quark Gluon Plasma(QGP)! I expect realistic QGP too! Also, make QuBits(QBIT) that have entanglement, superposition, etc.
  • boxmein
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    I already lifted the pressure caps, need to find temperature cap.
    @sillu129 You mean bizarre?
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  • kaan999
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    Make a bomb which creates a very big explosion(ATMB)
  • boxmein
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    @kaan999 You could use supercompressed DEUT, but I think you mean increasing the radius of BOMB? (What's the fun in that?)
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