Self-Voting Crack Down

  • jakubthebuilder
    28th Jul 2015 Member 0 Permalink

    yea people shouldnt self vote

  • johnpears
    22nd Jan 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    I think that people that self vote should be put on voting probation, in which they can't vote for a period of 48 hours.

  • megagate75
    26th Jan 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    This may be a stupid question, but, does the same rules apply when TPT automaticly upvotes (1 upvote) your saves? It does this for me, and I really do hope that it does not come across as suspicous

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  • jacob1
    26th Jan 2016 Developer 0 Permalink
    @megagate75 (View Post)
    Yes, it definitely applies. All your saves are automatically upvoted by yourself, so if other people then go and upvote it it will generate a warning.

    Edit: lol yeah, the automatic vote doesn't trigger any warnings (like @jacksonmj said below). Only if you have another account come and vote on it.
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  • Gelix
    26th Jan 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    People should at least get a warning to stop before getting banned.

  • jacksonmj
    27th Jan 2016 Developer 0 Permalink

    @Gelix (View Post)

    For multi account voting, my version of a warning is a temporary ban. Generally between 3 and 7 days long, depending on number of accounts and number of saves voted. Second offence is >= 1 month ban, or permanent ban.


    This is because it should be blatantly obvious, even to someone who hasn't bothered to read the rules, that using extra accounts to vote is cheating. And also because it can take a significant amount of time and effort to investigate, especially when someone has tried to be sneaky about it.


    @megagate75 (View Post)

    The automatic upvote does not trigger any warnings by itself - this thread is probably from before the automatic upvote existed. "Self-Voting" refers to the use of extra accounts to vote.