How to avoid "noob bashing"

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    In recent times I have seen lots of "noob bashing" so I have written a guide of how to avoid it.

    What's worse than being the victim?
    Answer, being the predator. Being a predator often results in being a victim of someone else. Please think about what you say. You may be a "noob basher" yourself but you may not know it.

    Sticks and stones can hurt my bones but words will scare forever
    Bullying is a serious problem. Not only will it sear itself into your memory, but in the action searing itself into your memory will weaken you, in some cases even cause suicide.

    How to avoid it?
    Think about what you say. If you say something foolish that's fine, but if some one pesters you about it than there's a problem.

    List of things not to say or do:
    • Suggest an element that is on the do not suggest list, this will labell you as a "noob".
    • Annoy people, it's like poking a lion with a stick until it's roaring at you, you wouldn't keep poking it.
    • Continue making suggestions of elements that have been rejected from you, this makes you look like an advertisement board with legs.

    How to deal with it
    When confronted with the word "noob" first, do not take it to heart. Remember these people are non-existent to you as they are on the internet, not in real life. Do not try and make a comeback as this will result in a e-fight, which will likely get you into trouble. Do not leave the thread and not come back, this will leave you marked as a coward.

    The moderators are on you side
    Part of the moderators jobs are to stop "noob bashing". If you are confronted with what you believe the ugly, hideous, dirty word "noob" slapped on your screen, do not hesitate to contact a moderator immediately.

    Actually DO hesitate
    Well, at least a bit. If you aren't sure if something is classified as "noob bashing" leave it for a day. If you still find it offensive then contact a moderator. Keep in mind sometimes people are just laughing at what you said and not what you meant by it.

    The moderators are:
    • Simon
    • Lockheedmartin
    • lolzy
    • ief015
    • HK6
    • Catelite
    • dikzak
    • FrankBro
    • cracker64
    • AntB
    • Devast8a
    • ad

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    you forgot ad
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    I rate this 11 out of 10
    This is great that you made this! It has everything important on it, and this will really help a lot of people! Awesome job XD
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    this should be stickey'ed
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    Yeah, this should be stickied.
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    Advertisement board with legs, lol...This should be stickied under the help topic
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    You are such a stoopid noob posting stoopid noob topics and about stoopid noo... Oh ... wait

    Sorry guys
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    Replace Bullying with Trolling/Bullying.
    I agree 100% of +10E100
    No actually 99% HK6 is not the one to talk to, btw I have not seen him in a while.
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    could you put up that you have enough time to research your facts before posting. Because that would also help people who are subjected to being called a noob.

    ... Your such a noob Ace. Damn it, sorry guys again...
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    you should start a club called "the noob basher bashers squad"
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