Changing your Avatars

  • jacob1
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    It probably worked. Just leave it like that for a day or two and maybe it will start working by then. Avatars update slowly ...

    Also i'd use png or jpeg, i'm not sure which formats it actually supports.
  • ShArP_ShOoTeR98
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    Umm i have a problem, i made my account with an email i no longer have access to and then i have changed it recently, so i set up the gravatar account with my new email, when i go on avatar/profile on the powder toy website it says i need to use the email i registered my pt with?

  • Alt-Factorial
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    @ShArP_ShOoTeR98 (View Post) The account that you registered gravatar does not matter with the email you used while registering TPT


  • Mrprocom
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    @ShArP_ShOoTeR98 (View Post)
    You can change your profile picture without having to make a gravatar account if that's what you wanted.
  • mecha
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    how did U get that animated face!!!????

  • Mrprocom
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    It's a GIF.
    You can get an animated smiley face from the internet and add it to your post as an image. I'm guessing that it is an old feature that used to exist.
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     Wow, a reply I made 3 years ago. I typed so primitively back then.