Website Address change

  • Simon
    7th Aug 2010 Administrator 0 Permalink
    Just a heads up that the powder toy website will be moving from its current address ( to a new domain,

    I will set up redirects, so there will be no broken links, but your login can only be active on one site at a time, I'd recommend you use
  • KeshenMac
    8th Aug 2010 Member 0 Permalink
    Yeah. I kinda noticed that
  • Andrewrox
    8th Aug 2010 Member 0 Permalink
    Great job with the new domain name. Hopefully, it will give Google more of a reason to ad this site s the OFFICIAL Powder Toy site.
  • HK6
    8th Aug 2010 Member 0 Permalink
    Glad it is finally getting it's own home. Thanks for the amazing support for this game Simon.
  • vsams14
    8th Aug 2010 Member 0 Permalink
    speaking of google, you do realize that if in the description on the main page you put, OFFICIAL SITE or something like that, people would see it in the snipet that google search shows, therefore more people would come. just an idea
  • hacker45
    9th Aug 2010 Member 0 Permalink
    ohh ok thanks
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